Destiny Rose

Destiny Rose ( Missing Girl) Bio, Wiki, Age, Parents and Biography

Destiny Rose Bio

Destiny Rose is a 16-year-old teen from Broward County, Florida. She went missing on August 20, at Alpha Group Home, a therapeutic group home, in the town of Southwest Ranches.

Height & countenance

Destiny is approximately 5’1″ and 146 pounds. She has blonde hair and green eyes and was last seen wearing a white shirt, black jacket, red pants, and a pink and black beanie. She also has a hearing aid in one of her ears.

Destiny Rose Missing

She went missing on August 20.  According to Police, She as a “habitual runaway” who has gone missing several times before.

They suspected that she had run away again until the aunt received the ominous phone call. The search for Destiny has since intensified.

According to a description given to Davie Police, the man suspected of kidnapping Destiny as a Hispanic man “being in his late 20s to early 30s, with a crew cut and a short patch of facial hair on his chin.”

Destiny Rose Unbelievable Story

According to WSVN News Miami, Destiny’s aunt, Shanna Champion, received a video call via Instagram from Destiny’s account. When she answered the call, she was shocked to see a man on the phone.

What happened next is straight out of a horror movie. The man then moved the camera to show Rose crying while tied to a chair with a rope wrapped around her neck.

Davie Police detectives say the man told Shanna “If you cared about her, you would be here to get her” before ending the call.

Story Is Attracting National Attention

After the news broke regarding the Instagram video, news outlets across Florida started writing articles about Rose and sharing her story to social media in hopes that somebody would have seen her.

Fox 35 Orlando has regularly been posting about Destiny and ABC 27 in the neighbouring state of Georgia has joined the cause as well.

The efforts have spread to news organisations in New York including New York Daily News as well as national news outlets such as HLN who covered Destiny’s disappearance on their show.



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