Diana Finlay.
Diana Finlay.

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Diana Finlay.A Westchester County woman was arrested with a pile of fake COVID-19 vaccination cards when she was caught driving with a fake license plate, prosecutors said.

Westchester District Attorney Mimi Roka said in a statement that Mount Vernon resident Diana Finlay, 53, was arrested in Harrison after police found a fake New Jersey temporary registration tag on her vehicle.

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She is 53 years old.

Charged – Arrested.

He was arrested by the Westchester County District Attorney’s Office with the help of the US Department of Homeland Security.

At about 4:45 a.m. on Sept. 23, Finlay was pulled over in Harrison when he was seen driving with a fake New Jersey temporary registration license tag.

Following his arrest, 21 fake COVID-19 vaccination registration cards and three fake New Jersey temporary registration labels were recovered.

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The District Attorney’s Office will thoroughly investigate and prosecute anyone found buying, possessing, manufacturing or selling counterfeit vaccination cards. Public health and safety is our top priority and we will not tolerate behaviors that put people at greater risk of serious side effects from Covid 19.

“It is under investigation and anyone who has relevant information about anyone who has or sells fake vaccines should contact our office,” he said. ”

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