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Don Giuseppe Berardelli was an Italian priest who gave a respirator to a younger coronavirus patient. He was a priest for 47 years for the parish of Casnigo, a small village just 40 miles northeast of Milan. He was serving as the Archpriest of Casnigo in the Diocese of Bergamo in Northern Italy. Berardelli had been suffering from a respiratory condition for some time, so his parish had previously purchased the breathing apparatus to help him cope.


He has died at the age of 72.

Don Giuseppe Berardelli coronavirus

Berardelli contracted coronavirus has died after donating his respirator to a younger patient who was also battling the illness.

He died in hospital in Lovere, Bergamo, one of the worst-hit areas in Italy. According to the hospital, he refused to use a respirator his parishioners had bought for him and instead gave it to a younger patient he did not know.

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In an obituary on Araberara, an Italian news website, one healthcare worker said: “He was a priest who listened to everyone, he knew how to listen, whoever turned to him knew that he could count on his help.”

Clara Poli, who had been mayor of Fiorano for some years, described the priest as a “great person”.

He was one of at least 60 priests who died in Italy this month as the European nation was the epicentre of the deadly pandemic, according to the Catholic News Agency.

“He is a ‘Martyr of Charity,’” New York Jesuit priest James Martin said on Twitter, adding the biblical phrase, “Greater love has no person …”

Martin — an author who edits the Jesuit journal America — said Berardelli was a “saint like St. Maximilian Kolbe, who in Auschwitz volunteered to take the place of a condemned man with a family, and was killed.”

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