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Donny Morris
Donny Morris

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Donny Morris identified as one of six Americans — and four New York metro area residents — killed in the deadly stampede at a religious festival in Israel last week. He was from New Jersey was among the Americans who died in Friday’s stampede at a religious festival in Israel, the office of the country’s Chief Rabbi David Lau confirmed Sunday.

Morris had been undertaking studies in Israel, his uncle Rabbi Yechiel Morris told several media outlets Saturday, as he confirmed his nephew’s death.


Donny Morris has killed at 19.

Israel religious festival stampede

Donny Morris was in Israel studying when he was caught in a crush of people during the annual Lag Ba’omer festival at the foot of Mount Meron late Thursday and is among 45 people known to have been killed in the tragedy.

It is unclear what caused the stampede, but video footage showed people being pulled back and forth by the sheer momentum of the tightly packed crowd. Other images of the event showed a mass of people, mostly men clad in black, spilling down a narrow open-air passage.

Questions have been raised as to whether the government and police had been reluctant to limit the crowd size at the site so as not to anger influential ultra-Orthodox rabbis and politicians.

The Justice Ministry said investigators would look into whether there had been any police misconduct.

Stampede Victims

Morris was named by the office as being among the 45 people who died in the crash, along with Eliezer Zvi Yuzef, 26, and 22-year-old Menachem Knoblowitz, both from New York. Yousef Amran Tauber and Yousef Kahn were also killed. Their ages and home state were not released.

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