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Police spokesman Lt. Sean Barnett said Monday that Athens donor Gresham has been identified as a suspect in Ariana Zarsey. Arrest warrants have been issued for first-degree vehicle homicide, hit-and-run, including serious injury or death, failure to comply with a traffic control device, speeding and driving without a license. He keeps running when the police try to find him.


He is 29 years old.

Death of Ariana Zarse.

On Saturday, officers responded to a hit-and-run on Broad Street near Foundry Street around midnight. Barnett said the investigation revealed that Zarsi was crossing Broad Street with a friend when he was hit by a Honda Accord driven by Gresham. Barnett added that Gresham fled the scene after the collision.

Zarsi was taken to hospital where she succumbed to her injuries. Her friend was not killed.

Investigators may soon find Honda, but are still working to find out who is driving it. On Monday afternoon, police identified Gresham as the driver.

Pay tribute to Ariana Zarse.

As a result of this tragedy, there have been several posts on social media by the family and members of the UGA community about Zarsa. Most of the posts referred to Zarsey’s recent participation in the Classic City Showdown on October 1 at the Classic Center in Athens.

The event featured American boxing matches and sorority and fraternal boxing matches. Zarse competed and won, representing Pi Phi if she raised 20 20,250 for the Atlanta Red Cross and Children’s Healthcare.

Noting the joy Zarse felt during the competition, her father posted on his Instagram page on Sunday to share the tragedy with friends while emphasizing how he hopes to Daughter will be remembered.

“She lives a wonderful life,” she wrote. “And she would like us all to remember her as we saw her after her charity boxing match.”

This post is full of comments from friends who are sharing memories and condolences to family.

“I am so lucky to have called her my older sister. Your daughter has made such an impact on my life. She was everything I try to be. I will always remember her.” I am sending my love to you all, “a Pi Phi sorority sister commented on the photo.

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