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Eda Nur Kaplan left her mother a heartbreaking voicemail saying she felt ‘devastated’ after a man she accused of rape was released from Ankara, Turkey. Eda committed suicide after the release of two men she accused of rape.


Eda Nur Kaplan was 18 years old.

Eda Nur Kaplan killed herself.

A young lady has committed suicide after discovering that two men were associated with assaulting her from guardianship. Eda Nur Kaplan, 18, composed a self-destruction note for her family and tumbled from a fifteenth-story loft in the Turkish capital of Ankara.

She plunged from her gallery at around 1 am on August 7, after leaving a shocking directive for her mum, revealing to her she felt “obliterated”, neighborhood media reports. Neighbors at the loft block where Eda imparted a home to her more seasoned sister called crisis administrations for help. Anyway, paramedics couldn’t save the youngster and articulated her dead at the scene.

Seven days before her supposed self-destruction, Eda recorded a grievance with the police around two men who she guaranteed physically mishandled her while drinking liquor with her and her sister. Then took her to a clinical focus to go through checks after the occurrence; however, specialists tracked down no actual proof of a**pe, Turkish news site Haberler reports.

A suspect, Mehmet A., was arrested after the victim gave his name to the police.

Police Investigation

According to the investigation, the other suspect, identified as Yusuf G, was mentioned in Mehmet A.’s interrogation. After the police took his statement, the victim allegedly sent a distressing message to her mother before committing suicide upon learning that they had removed the suspect.

She said, “Mom, your little girl, I can’t take it anymore, they ruined your daughter. She couldn’t say anything to anyone, She always put it aside, but it was too much. “She can’t stand it any longer, and she has no confidence that things will be alright. She will feel the aggravation for one minute rather than every day.

“Keep in mind, don’t let me down; look for equity for me, please. I was unable to stand it, yet you can. “I love you all definitely, fare thee well. I was unable to do it. However, the best is on the way for you.” Eda was covered on August 8 at Karsiyaka Cemetery in Ankara. They took her body to the Forensic Medicine Institute to go through an examination. Both Yusuf G. also, Mehmet A. have been kept since Eda’s demise, Turkish press organization Bianet reports.

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