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Who is Edgar Samaniego? Wiki, Biography, Age, Arrest, Charges, Shot offcer Shay Mikalonis

Edgar Samaniego Wiki, Biography

Edgar Samaniego is identified as the suspect of the Las Vegas Metro Police officer Shay Mikalonis in the head at a George Floyd protest.


Edgar Samaniego is 20 years old.

Edgar Samaniego Las Vegas Shooting

Edgar has been accused of shooting a Las Vegas Metro Police officer. According to the Review-Journal, the officer has been identified as Shay Mikalonis. He is currently on life support as his head wounds are serious. The incident occurred in front of the Circus Circus Casino.

Another shooting incident occurred around the same time, at 11:30 p.m in front of the Federal Courthouse on Las Vegas Boulevard South.

He was in the ongoing protest against Police brutality. The protests are a result of the death of a 46 years old African-American George Floyd who was pinned down to death by ex-Minneapolis Derek Chauvin.

The Video of the incident shows Derek pinning down George to the pavement with his knee on the man’s neck for several minutes. Floyd is heard saying in the video: “Please, please, I cannot breathe.” The officer tells Floyd to “relax”. Floyd responds: “I can’t breathe. Please, the knee in my neck.”

The officer continues to hold down Floyd with his knee for several minutes, with Floyd pleading and asking for water. “My stomach hurts. My neck hurts. Please, please. I can’t breathe,” Floyd cries out while moaning and trying to cough. Floyd eventually appears motionless under the officer’s knee. Those who were watching the incident unfold can be heard begging police to move off Floyd.

There were two shooting events that occurred at the time Edgar shot Shay Mikalonis. The Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo came clear & explained the two shooting events:

Edgar Samaniego Arrest, Charges

Edgar was arrested and charged with attempted murder and two counts of discharging a gun or weapon where a person might be endangered. According to online court records the charges are a felony and two gross misdemeanors.

Edgar Samaniego Crime History

According to court records, Edgar was accused of possession of a dangerous drug without a prescription and DUI, 1st offense early April. On April 2, he was given $2,000 bail but posted bail and had been out of custody since early April. The charges were identified as “gross misdemeanor” and “misdemeanor.” Here are the court records