El Paso Shooting Suspects

El Paso Shooting Suspects

who is El Paso Shooting Suspects: Three suspects are in custody after the shooting in El Paso, the city’s mayor Wolf Blitzer said.

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“This is a tragedy that I’m having a hard time getting my arms around, frankly,” Mayor Dee Margo said with his voice breaking.

Multiple people are dead, and several people have been transported to the hospital, El Paso Police Sgt. Enrique Castillo said in a press briefing.

Police said they are searching multiple scenes in addition to the Walmart where the shooting reportedly took place. Castillo said there is no imminent threat to the community.

El Paso Shooting

A reunification center has been set up at MacArthur Intermediate School in El Paso, Castillo added.

According to police officials, A active shooting near Walmart in El Paso on Saturday morning. Multiple people are dead and injured in the shooting.

Police in El Paso, Texas, are responding to an active shooter.

El Paso police said at about 1 p.m. local time that there were multiple fatalities and several people taken to hospitals. Police also said one person is in custody and there was no imminent threat at that point.

Police got reports of multiple shooters and were “conducting (a) search of a very large area,” they tweeted just after 2 p.m. ET.

according to CNN, Agents from the FBI office in El Paso are responding to the incident.

A second mall about 2.5 miles away from Cielo Vista is also on lockdown, according to an employee at a liquor store attached to the mall.

Authorities put the mall on lockdown because of the reported shooting at Cielo Vista, Frankie Nunez, an employee at Bassett WB Liquors & Wine, said.

And an employee at the Target store at Bassett Place also confirmed the mall had been placed on lockdown.

In a shaky Snapchat video aired by CNN, a woman holding the camera frantically runs with a small group of girls or women through a Cielo Vista mall department store and into a parking lot.

As the group hurries past racks of clothes and cases of merchandise, voices off-camera shout, Hands up!

Once in the parking lot, one member of the group asks, What happened?

I don’t know, the woman holding the camera responds. I don’t know.

Democratic presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke, who once represented the area in Congress, asked residents to follow the directions of first responders.

Truly heartbreaking, O’Rourke said on Twitter. Stay safe, El Paso.
Texas Gov. Greg Abbott tweeted that the state Department of Public Safety is assisting local law enforcement.

The scene is unfolding in the same week two employees were fatally shot at a Walmart store in Southaven, Mississippi, and three people were shot and killed at the Gilroy Garlic Festival in California.


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