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Eltiona Skana is the woman who killed seven-year-old Emily Jones in a Bolton park on Mother’s Day. She knifed seven-year-old Emily Jones as she ran towards her mum in Bolton, Greater Manchester, in a Mother’s Day bloodbath. Skana was today sentenced at Minshull Street Crown Court to life with a minimum of eight years.


She is 30 years old as of 2020.

Emily Jones Murder, Crime Details

Skana who came to the UK from Albania with her family in 2014, has a history of mental illness. She entered the UK illegally in 2014 in the back of a lorry and applied for asylum, claiming to be a trafficking victim. Eltiona Skana tells cops she has a knife in her bag after stabbing a little girl to death.

She stabbed her own mum in 2017 and attacked her sister in another assault. Two years before that, she was sectioned after she wielded a knife against her neighbors. From mid-December of last year until March 11, Skana had no face-to-face contact with her mental health workers.

When police raided her flat after her arrest they found a stash of un-taken anti-psychotic drugs, which amounted to around a month’s worth of medication. Little Emily was playing on a scooter in Queen’s Park, Bolton, on March 22 when the horror unfolded.

She was shouting out to her mum, Sarah Barnes, who was jogging nearby when Skana pounced. The killer leaped up from a bench and grabbed the innocent youngster – slashing her throat with a craft knife. Dad Mark, who cradled his dying daughter in his arms, at first believed she had fallen from her scooter until a woman yelled: “She’s been stabbed.”

Emily was rushed to hospital but sadly couldn’t be saved and died 30 minutes later. In a touching tribute at the time, Emily’s parents called her the “light of our lives”.

Crime Video Footage 

Police have released footage of the moment Eltiona Skana was arrested after she killed Emily Jones.

The 30-year-old grabbed hold of the child and slashed her across the throat while she was riding her scooter through Queen’s Park, Bolton, on March 22, a court was told last week. She then fled the scene but was chased down by Tony Canty, a bystander who had been walking in the park with his wife.

Mr. Canty knocked Skana to the ground and sat on her until police arrived at the scene and arrested her a short time later. The footage shows police approaching Canty and picking Skana up from the ground.

She is then taken by officers towards a van which is parked at the Chorley New Road exit to Queen’s Park. An officer then puts Skana into the back of the van and they begin to ask her questions about what happened.

While this was happening Emily was being treated by paramedics a few hundred yards away with strangers and her parents desperately trying to help. In the video, Skana is seen being asked by an officer what was in her backpack and immediately replies: “ID and everything.” The officer responds: “ID?”, to which Skana says: “Yes, and the knife”.

Shortly afterward, when Skana is handcuffed and sat in the back of a police vehicle, she can be seen speaking clearly to tell the police officer her name and address. She is then asked to confirm what is inside her bag and replies: “You can control… No, no bombs, no nothing, it’s just my ID card, my Mum’s ID card, there is a knife, some water, some juice… nothing.”

Skana was handed a life sentence today, with a minimum of eight years in prison, plus a hospital order. She will be sent to prison once doctors decide she is in an appropriate state, if this never happens she will remain in hospital indefinitely.

Court Trial

During the course of the trial, the court heard that Skana had been sectioned twice before, in 2015 and 2017. She had come into the UK in 2014, traveling from her home country of Albania through Germany, in a trip arranged by one of her sisters, the court heard.

She applied to the Home Office for asylum and was initially rejected, before being given leave to stay in this country until 2024. Since her attack on Emily, Skana has been a patient at Rampton Hospital – a high-security facility in Nottinghamshire – and has appeared via video link through the majority of the trial proceedings. She was present in court to receive her sentence today (Tuesday) but was flanked by court officers.

Eltiona Skana Sentence

Skana was found not guilty after a seven-day trial at Manchester Minshull Street Crown Court ended with the prosecution telling jurors it would no longer pursue a murder charge.

She was sentenced today (Tuesday) at Manchester Minshull Street Crown Court after pleading guilty to manslaughter at an earlier hearing. She was given a life sentence, with a minimum term of 8 years, but will be detained in hospital and only be sent to prison if her treatment allows it.

Judge Mr. Justice Wall told her: “What this means is that you will be detained in hospital until no longer necessary. If or when it’s no longer necessary you will be released to prison.”

If Skana is never fit to be released to prison she will remain in treatment at the hospital indefinitely.

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