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Eric Ciaramella Bio: Eric is a CIA analyst and former National Security Council staffer. He has served in both the Obama and Trump administrations as a career intelligence officer. Eric is a Ukraine expert.

Eric Ciaramella’s Age

He is 33 years old as of 2019

Earlier Life and Education

According to Eric Biography, he grows up in Prospect, Connecticut. Eric spent time attending Woodland Regional High School in Beacon Falls, Connecticut, and then graduated from Chase Collegiate School in Waterbury, Connecticut, in 2004, according to the prep school’s alumni magazine.

After high school, Eric attended Yale University, graduating in 2008 as a Russian and East European studies major. In 2007, he was awarded a grant by the Yale Macmillan Center for European Union Studies to research on the perceptions of the EU among rural Italian residents.

Eric also studied at Harvard University, focusing on Russia, Eastern Europe, Central Asia, according to the school’s website.

He received a grant in 2009 for research on Language in the Public Sphere in Three Post-Soviet Capital Cities, Tbilisi, Georgia; Yerevan, Armenia; Baku, Azerbaijan.

Eric was additionally a corresponding author for Harvard’s Department of Linguistics and wrote a paper in 2015 titled, Structural ambiguity in the Georgian verbal noun.

Eric Ciaramella’s Career

According to a 2011 publication, Eric worked at the World Bank after college. In the World Bank report, he listed in the acknowledgments for making outstanding contributions” to the research.

He joined the Central Intelligence Agency at some point during President Obama’s second term. Eric was detailed to the White House to serve as a Ukraine expert with the National Security Council in 2015. He worked under National Security Advisor Susan Rice.

Eric Ciaramella also worked with then-Vice President Biden, who was working closely on Ukraine issues at the end of Obama’s time in office. He is also listed as a guest at a 2016 luncheon to honor the prime minister of Italy, along with Biden.

Eric Ciaramella Whistleblower

Eric Ciaramella has been named as possibly being the whistleblower as per an article by Real Clear Investigations, which was tweeted by Senator Rand Paul tweeted.

Eric was likewise named via web-based networking media toward the beginning of October and by Genuine Clear Examinations on October 30, 2019, following quite a while of hypothesis about his personality.

As indicated by the moderate inclining Genuine Clear Examinations, Ciaramella’s name has been an open mystery in Washington D.C. His name has since been spread by moderate intellectuals and sites, including the Washington Inspector and The Federalist. Congressperson Paul required the informant to be subpoenaed to affirm after swearing to tell the truth. Republican Congressman Matt Gaetz additionally shared a connect to the RCI article on Twitter.

Eric is a Ukraine master, and his experience coordinates the true to life subtleties announced by The New York Times and other news sources about the informant. As indicated by The Occasions, the informant is a CIA official who was point by point to work at the White House before coming back to the CIA.

The Occasions composed, His objection recommended he was an examiner via preparing and clarified he was saturated with subtleties of American international strategy toward Europe, exhibiting an advanced comprehension of Ukrainian governmental issues and probably some information on the law.

5 Fast Facts

1. Ciaramella Is a Ukraine Expert for the CIA Whose Background Matches Details About the Whistleblower Previously Reported by The New York Times

2. Eric Ciaramella Grew Up in Connecticut, Studied at Yale & Harvard & Worked at the World Bank

3. Ciaramella Was Detailed to the National Security Council at the White House in 2015 After Joining the CIA as an Analyst Focusing on Ukraine & Russia

4. Ciaramella Remained at the NSC During the Earlier Months of the Trump Administration & an Email Ciaramella Sent While He Was Still Assigned to NSC Was Cited in the Mueller Report

5. Ciaramella Was the Target of Trump Supporters in 2017 When He Was Accused of Leaking to the Media Because of His Ties to Susan Rice & the Obama Administration

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