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According to Eric Munchel wiki, Bio and Biograph, He seen carrying zip ties during riots at the US Capitol has been arrested Sunday in Tennessee.  He’s tied to Lee County as a former Worker at Doc Ford’s Rum Bar and Grille. The restaurant affirmed he was a worker over a couple of decades back. The restaurant also stated they don’t have any affiliation with Munchel.

Munchel previously worked in Kid Rock’s Big-Ass Honky-tonk, a Pub and concert Place at Broadway Avenue in Nashville, owner Steve Smith Supported Saturday. Smith said Munchel was 60 days past and diminished to talk about with you the conditions of his conclusion.


Eric Munchel’s age is unclear yet.


Munchel was taken in custody Sunday afternoon in Nashville due to his role during the riots at the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday. Photos thought to function as Munchel reveal a man carrying plastic restraints or”zip ties“, an item in a holster on his right hip and a cell phone installed onto his torso with the camera facing external, prone to record the events as they transpired that day.

On Sunday, federal police arrested two men who were portrayed in photos of the riot inside the Capitol wearing protective armour and carrying items to restrain a person, based on a release. Online researchers enticed Munchel to be among those men who transported zip-ties in the U.S. Capitol throughout the riot Wednesday in June. He’s been arrested and faces federal charges.

After photos of a cloaked man dressed in paramilitary gear and taking zip ties in the U.S. Senate chamber appeared online, people started talking to him because of the”zip-tie guy” on social media. That online sleuthing surfaced using the FBI’s demand tips leading to the identification of rioters found in the photos.

Charge and Trial

Munchel has since been charged with a count of knowingly entering or staying in any restricted construction or grounds without lawful authority, plus one count of violent entry and disorderly behaviour on Capitol grounds. Jail records indicate Munchel is presently being held at the Metro Davidson County Jail on federal charges. He’ll be before a federal judge in Nashville on Monday at the federal courthouse. No time has been announced yet.

Eric Munchel Facebook

Using Munchel’s title and likeness, a Facebook profile stated he was employed as a bartender at document Ford’s Rum Bar & Grille, a business with four areas in Florida. The organization published a statement on its Facebook page Friday-Night admitting that”a former worker of ours from 2years ago was involved from the newest events in the Capitol construction” The post went on to state the business has”no affiliation for this specific employee and their actions were their own.”

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