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Fabrizio Piscitelli Bio, Wiki

Fabrizio Piscitelli was the leader of Lazio’s Ultra group-Irriducibili. On Wednesday, he was shot in the head in Acquedotti park in Rome in broad daylight and died shortly after 7 p.m.

Fabrizio Piscitelli Nickname

Piscitelli was popularly known by his nickname Diabolik.

Fabrizio Piscitelli Leader Lazio’s Ultra group-Irriducibili

In the 1970s, the Lazio Ultras rose up and became infamous for displaying warped Fascist symbols and dolling out racist and anti-Semitic abuse against opposition players and fans.

The Lazio Ultras are known for their fanatical passion and keenness for violence-who for home games pack out the northern stand of Rome’s Olympic Stadium.

Lazio Ultra Rivals

Their biggest rivals are fellow Rome football giants AS Roma – who occupy the opposite Curva Sud stand at the Olympic Stadium they share. AS Roma also has a traditionally left-wing fanbase as opposed to Lazio’s largely right-wing Lazio supporters.

Lazio Ultra Alliances

Lazio has a close alliance with the Ultras of Inter Milan dating back to the mid-1980s as well as West Ham.

Lazio Ultras Sacred Front Rows

Lazio Ultras last year banned women from sitting in the “sacred” front rows of the stadium.

A statement said: “La Curva Nord is a sacred place, women, wives or fiancées, are not allowed in the first 10 rows.

“We invite those who choose the stadium as an alternative to a romantic day at Villa Borghese to instead choose another place.”

Lazio Ultras Accusations

Lazio Ultras have also been accused of anti-Semitism in their dealings with fans of rivals Roma who share the same stadium.

Fabrizio Piscitelli Ambush

Piscitelli was in the Parco degli Acquedotti, a historic green area in the Tuscola area. It was a full-fledged ambush: a close-range shot at his head at the height of the ear that was fatal to the leader of the historic ultra of the Irriducibles of Lazio.

Fabrizio Piscitelli Death

On Wednesday 7 August 2019, he was shot in the head in Acquedotti park in Rome in broad daylight and died shortly after 7 p.m.

Fabrizio Piscitelli Allegations

He had previously been involved in legal problems related to drugs and reports suggest his killing might be as a result of revenge carried out by rivals.

Besides, he was also put on trial for an incident of extortion against the current President of Lazio, Claudio Lotito. Throughout his life, the Lazio fan accumulated assets amounting to over €2 million including cars, luxury real estate, and corporate equity investments.

Fabrizio Piscitelli Investigations

The investigators are operating to identify the perpetrators of the ambush and determine the motive behind a murder that seems to be planned.

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