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Fate Winslow is a homeless man and living on the streets of Shreveport. He was serving a life sentence for selling $20 of marijuana. He was reunited with his children and grandchildren on Wednesday after serving 12 years in prison.


Fate Winslow is 53-years-old as of 2020.


Winslow had three prior convictions of non-violent crimes: business burglary, car burglary, and cocaine possession. Under state law, he received a mandatory life sentence as a repeat offender.


Winslow was re-sentenced after connecting with Innocence Project New Orleans. After applying for relief, Winslow’s sentence was updated to 12 years with credit for time served, leaving him free to go. He has since reconnected with his family, including nieces and nephews he had never met before.

In 2008, Winslow was homeless and living on the streets of Shreveport when he was approached by an undercover cop in search of marijuana, according to his attorneys at the Innocence Project New Orleans. They said Winslow borrowed a bike, returned with two dime bags of marijuana worth $20, and gave it to the officer for $5 so he could buy food. Winslow was arrested for distribution.

IPNO Statement

recently homeless at the time, borrowed a friend’s bike and came back 10 minutes later with two small bags of marijuana worth $20, according to the Innocence Project New Orleans, who represented Winslow.

The officer arrested Winslow. And because Winslow had three priors — a burglary of a business when he was 17 in 1985, a car burglary in 1995, and possession of cocaine when he was 36 — the $20 sale landed Winslow a life sentence,

On Wednesday, Winslow walked free after his case was resentenced for 12 years, with credit for time already served.
His case highlights the issues within the criminal justice system, IPNO said in a statement.

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