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Givara Budeiri
Givara Budeiri

Givara Budeiri Wiki – Givara Budeiri Bio

Givara Budeiri is a journalist of Al Jazeera Tv Channel who by the Israeli armed forces. Israeli police are being taken into custody while covering a sitting protest against Israel’s decision to evict Palestinian families in the Sheikh Jarrah neighbourhood in Jerusalem on June 05, 2021. 


Givara Budeiri’s age is unclear yet.

Why are Israeli Arrest Jerusalem journalists

As you know, Israel is a terrorist state, and he holds the whole world media by his deep pockets. So they attack the journalists in east Jerusalem because they don’t want them to continue covering what’s happening inside Sheikh Jarrah.

The arrests came a day after Al Jazeera’s Budeiri, wearing a protective vest marked “press,” was dragged away by police protesting in Sheikh Jarrah.

According to witnesses, police asked Budeiri for identification. Colleagues said police did not allow her to return to her car to retrieve her government-issued press card. Instead, they said she was surrounded by police, handcuffed, and dragged into a vehicle with darkened windows.

Early Sunday, police took Muna al-Kurd, 23, from her home.

Her father, Nabil al-Kurd, said police “stormed the house in large numbers and in a barbaric manner.”

“I was sleeping, and I found them in my bedroom,” he said. Police then searched the house and arrested his daughter. Video posted on social media showed her being taken away in handcuffs.

“The reason for the arrest is that we say that we will not leave our homes, and they do not want anyone to express his opinion, they do not want anyone to tell the truth,” he said. “They want to silence us.”

Police also searched for her brother, Muhammad al-Kurd, but he was not there. Later, he turned himself into Jerusalem police.

The siblings’ lawyer, Nasser Odeh, told journalists outside the police station that his clients were accused of “disturbing public security and participation in nationalistic riots.”

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