Who is Grafton Thomas? Bio, Wiki, Age, Family, Synagogue Attack Suspect

Grafton Thomas
Grafton Thomas

Grafton Thomas Bio – Wiki

Thomas E. Grafton is a 37-years-old man from Greenwood Lake. He is identified as the suspect accused of stabbing multiple Jewish people with a machete at a Monsey. He lives in Greenwood Lake which is about 20 miles away from Monsey in Orange County. He lives in a house on Lake Drive that has been owned by a relative since 2001. He previously lived in Brooklyn, New York.


Synagogue Attack

Grafton Thomas barged into a Hanukkah celebration and stabbed five people at a rabbi’s home in Monsey, New York, on Saturday evening, intensifying fears anti-Semitic violence after a spate of incidents last week.

According to the Orthodox Jewish Public Affairs Council for the Hudson Valley region, out of five victims arrived at local hospitals by the end of the week, two of them were in critical condition. The organization says one of the victims was shot six times.

Grafton Thomas Criminal History

Grafton Thomas has a criminal history. According to the DailyBeast, it once involved a police horse snatching, and this is one of several previous arrests on his record. The DailyBeast named it Grafton Thomas. However, the New York Daily News says Grafton sealed only one before his arrest.

On the night of the holiday in Hanoka, five people were stabbed with knives during a monorail light in a synagogue in Rockland County, Monsieur. One person went in and began stabbing people with knives, wrote Mac Rosenberg of WCBS 880.

In the disturbing videos posted on Twitter, the victims showed stretchers and chaos victims at the scene. ABC7 reports that Rabi’s house is located next door to his congregation. The attack took place on the evening of December 28, 2019.

Grafton Thomas Arrested

According to Police the suspect (Grafton Thomas) was in custody. He allegedly fled the scene, but he was arrested in Harlem after being traced by his vehicle’s license plate number. He is now facing five counts of attempted murder.