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Guramrit Hanspal
Guramrit Hanspal

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According to Guramrit Hanspal wiki, Bio and Biography, He is a Long Island man who dodges eviction for 20 years, living in a house he doesn’t own. He has only made one mortgage payment while living in a 2,081-square-foot East Meadow home in Long Island since 1998.


He is 52 years old as of 2021.

living in a house he doesn’t own

  • Hanspal has filed four lawsuits and claimed bankruptcy seven times to avoid being booted from the 2,081-square-foot East Meadow home he “bought” for $290,000 in 1998. He only ever made one mortgage payment has deftly used the courts to stay in the house for 23 years — for free, according to legal papers.
  • So far, it’s worked: two different banks and a real estate company have owned the three-bedroom, 2.5-bath home since Hanspal was foreclosed upon in 2000. But Hanspal remains.
  • Hanspal’s not the only occupant of the home leveraging the U.S. Bankruptcy Code’s “automatic stay” rules, which give debtors a temporary reprieve from all collection efforts, harassment, and foreclosures.
  • At least three other people listing the home at 2468 Kenmore St. as their address have also filed for bankruptcy in Brooklyn Federal Court, winning the “automatic stay,” only to have the claims eventually dismissed, court records show.
  • The bank foreclosed two years later, but Hanspal filed for the first of his seven bankruptcies in 2001, using them to avoid eviction under federal rules that protect debtors from being kicked out on the streets.
  • He also sought relief from state courts and, despite having no claim to the property, transferred the deed to a friend in 2004 who continued to play similar bankruptcy games.
  • Washington Mutual collapsed in 2008, “a victim of – and a major contributor to – the subprime mortgage crisis,” as U.S. District Judge Frederic Block put it in 2019.
  • JP Morgan Chase took over its assets and, according to documents, also took over the court battle to evict Hanspal.
  • Despite losing numerous court battles since then, and being ordered by the Nassau County Sheriff’s Office to vacate the property in 2010, Hanspal has remained in the house.
  • Eventually, Chase sold the property to Diamond Ridge, a real estate company, which has spent nearly $200,000 to continue the fight to evict Hanspal and other people who remain living in the home, according to the Post report.
  • And even as judges in state and federal court appear ready to bring the dramatic foreclosure process to a final end – the coronavirus pandemic has thrown yet another bone to delinquent squatters, who cannot be evicted under temporary rules.

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