Who is Howard Adrian Ashleman? Wiki, Biography, Age, killer of James Chambers, Now, Wife

Howard Adrian Ashleman
Howard Adrian Ashleman

Howard Adrian Ashleman Wiki – Howard Adrian Ashleman Biography

Howard Adrian Ashleman, a co-worker of Chambers, later moved to Florida and married but eventually confessed to his wife that he had murdered cameras and felt guilty, The Observer reported. He secured an attorney and began negotiations with prosecutors for a guilty plea in January 2017. Negotiations failed on many occasions, but Ashleman was eventually arrested in Randolph County on February 12, 2018.

James Chambers II, 28, was last seen on August 15, 2014, and his family reported him missing several days later. The civil construction worker at Fort Bragg was last seen at his home by his ex-girlfriend, the Fayetteville Observer reported, telling authorities that Chambers’ co-worker Howard Adrian Ashleman picked him up to take him to work. lifeguard on weekends.Wikipedia

Ashleman Pleaded Guilty

Ashleman pleaded guilty to second-degree murder eight days after his arrest and was booked into prison on February 21, 2018. Under the terms of his plea agreement, his sentence is between 15 years and six months and 19 years and eight months, and Public records show that Ashleman’s projected release date is August 7, 2033, when it will turn 40.

Ashleman, now 28, is serving his sentence at the Columbus Correctional Institution, a medium-security facility for male inmates located in Whiteville, southern North Carolina. Show public records. According to the offender’s information with the North Carolina Department of Public Safety, Ashleman has four offences to his name, including involvement in a security risk group or gang (SRG), possession of weapons and fighting.


After the murder, Ashleman moved to Florida, where he married and “found religion,” according to Cumberland District Attorney Billy West. The Fayetteville Observer reported that prosecutors told the court at Ashleman’s sentencing that he had told his wife about the crime multiple times. His wife recorded at least one of these conversations and told police about it from Florida.

In February 2018, at Ashleman’s first court hearing, where he was charged with Chambers’ murder, WNCN reported that Ashleman’s wife was present and tried to hug Chambers’s parents, but she was rejected. It is unclear if the two are still together today.

In sentencing him, prosecutors indicated that Ashleman had been the prime suspect from the start.

At Ashleman’s sentencing hearing several days later, Assistant District Attorney Robby Hicks said that Ashleman had been a suspect from the beginning of the case, but because he was “weak,” prosecutors “wanted to be very careful before moving forward.”, the Fayetteville Observer reported.

West said: “I can say with certainty that Ashleman was the prime suspect from the beginning.” He continued: “We didn’t have a solid confession from him. We decided that if he didn’t show up and turn himself in, we would arrest him. We wanted to make sure we had a strong enough case to convict before making the arrest. ”

According to the outlet, Ashleman’s defence attorney, Cumberland County Deputy Public Defender David Smith, told the court: “Suffice it to say, the defendant wanted to terminate members of Mr Chambers’s family. A chance, if they can, to be at peace. And that’s how this was accomplished. “

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