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Hugo Santillan
Hugo Santillan

Hugo Santillan Bio

Hugo Santillan Bio: He was a Professional Argentine boxer, who died after the fight from injuries in a week. Santillan’s death came 24 hours after Maxim Dadashev died at the age of 28 after being in a coma following his fight with Puerto Rico’s Subriel Matías.

Clarin’s report on Santillan’s death mentions that his father, Hugo, who was his trainer, had also been a professional boxer.

.The 28-year-old was placed into a medically induced coma after the fight but died on Tuesday.


Santillan fought 27 fights in total, during his all-too-short career. Of the 27, he won 19 by knock out, lost six and drew two.

Hugo Santillan Last Fight

He was fighting against Uruguay’s Eduardo Javier Abreu in Buenos Aires on Wednesday night. According to local reports, his nose started to bleed in the fourth round but he finished the fight.

The fight was held at the Club Atletico San Nicolas in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and was for the World Boxing Council Latino Silver Lightweight Title.

According to, Clarin, Santillan had fainted while waiting for the judge’s decision following his fight with Abreu.

Santillan was rushed to a local hospital where he went into cardiorespiratory arrest and had surgery to remove a brain clot.

However, as the result of the bout a draw was announced, he fainted and was taken to hospital.


Hugo Santillan Death Cause

according to the hospital, he had successive kidney failure and he did not come out of his coma, said Dr. Graciela Olocco of Hospital Agudos San Felipe. “He had swelling of his brain and he never recovered consciousness.

The swelling continued to worsen and it affected the functioning of the rest of his organs.”

Olocco added that Santillan had surgery for a clot on the brain but died after a cardiac arrest at 12.35am local time on Thursday.

Santillan was the son of another professional boxer, Hugo Alfredo Santillan. He had a record of 19 wins, six losses and two draws going into Wednesday’s fight.

He died on Thursday, 25th July at the age 23 from injuries suffered in the ring after his draw with Eduardo Javier Abreu on Saturday, 20th July 2019.