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Who is Ilnaz Galyaviev? Wiki, Biography, Age, Accused Murder, Facts

Ilnaz Galyaviev Wiki – Ilnaz Galyaviev Biography

According to Ilnaz Galyaviev wiki, Bio and Biography, He is a 19-year-old man accused of the mass murder of students and staffers at a school in Kazan, in Tatarstan, about 12 hours from Moscow, Russia.

A Russian MP says the weapon used was a semi-automatic shotgun – a type popular among hunters. Reports say Galyaviev had a license for it. The gun is relatively cheap in Russia, costing upwards of 20,000 roubles (£190; $280).

The same type of gun was used by a teenager, who killed 20 people at a technical college in the city of Kerch in Russian-annexed Crimea in 2018, then shot himself.

Ilnaz Galyaviev Video

The video appears to show the gunman casually strolling with a long gun and backpack toward the school.

The suspect is in custody. The Tatar Inform, a local news site, said the suspect openly carried the gun and first shot at a 16-year-old girl he saw near the gymnasium but didn’t hit her. A security guard pressed a panic button and closed the door, but Galyaviev shot out the glass and entered the building, wounding the female guard, according to the local news site.

Next, the gunman shot and wounded a man, planted an explosive device near a classroom door, and then ran to the second floor and entered a classroom, the site reported. “In the classroom, the children hid under the desks, the teacher did not hide. Galyaviev started shooting at them,” Tatar Inform reported of the terrifying sequence of events.

The mass shooting occurred in Kazan, which is located in Tatarstan. The BBC named the suspect as Ilnaz Galyaviev; reports of two suspects proved false.


Soon after, there was a riot when the substitutes began to move away from the windows causing injuries and passing. The dead children reportedly studied in eighth grade, with a normal age of 15 years.

In addition, the woman was Elvira Ignatyeva, a 25-year-old English instructor. The episode has left an overwhelming circumstance around the space with the guardians crying. Ilnaz Galyaviev is 19 years old.


According to the police, he is a resident of Kazan. Similarly, he once studied at a similar school about four years earlier. He was the only speculator left when the other shooter was killed on the spot.

Ilnaz is allegedly a registered gun owner. Truth be told, he recently got a permit to own a self-loading shotgun. However, the thought process of the shooting is unclear at this time.

In addition, Ilnaz published a publication through the media on the web reporting his agreement to massacre numerous people. BBC reports that the record is clogged at the moment. However, he can be seen with a dark veil in the screenshots.

Officials confined Ilnaz. He refers to trust in religion since the word “god” was composed on his cover. Also, he doesn’t think about niceties about his nationality.

At the moment, no data is available on Illnaz’s family and guardians. Officials say the questioning about the suspect and his intent is going on at this time.

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