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Jacob Blake was a black man who was shot by an officer with the Kenosha Police Department in Wisconsin Sunday afternoon, August 23rd while getting in his vehicle which was occupied by his children. Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers identified the victim as Jacob Blake in a statement released shortly after the incident occurred. Evers said Blake was critically injured when he was shot multiple times.

Video capture at the shooting and posted on Facebook shows at least two police officers pulling a gun behind the man as he approached the driver from the passenger side of the gray car. ۔ When the man opens the car door and tries to get inside, an officer is seen grabbing him by the T-shirt. When he grabbed the man’s T-shirt, the officer pointed his gun at the man. At least seven gunshots were heard, and the man was seen limping in the car, the car horn ringing.


Jacob Blake was 31-years-old.

Wisconsin police shoot Jacob Blake

Wisconsin’s governor Identified black Jacob Blake who was shot by an officer with the Kenosha Police Department in Wisconsin. The person is in serious condition and fighting for his life. Attorney Ben Crump, who now represents the Blake family, posted a video of the Sunday evening shooting in Kenosha. The footage spread across social media, sparking protests and leading county officials to institute a curfew that remained in situ until Monday morning.

The shooting came as demonstrators still decry police violence in American cities, including the encounters that killed George Floyd and Breonna Taylor. The night before Blake’s shooting, protests erupted in Lafayette, Louisiana, after police killed a Black man — Trayford Pellerin, 31 — outside a shop.

Domestic Disturbance

The shooting unfolded on a residential street packed with apartment buildings, a block from a city golf course. The Lake Michigan shoreline lies about a mile east. In the video clip, an African American man walks around the front of a gray SUV with two officers a step or two behind him, one with his weapon trained on the man’s back. As the Black man enters the driver’s side door of his car, the nearest officer grabs the tail of his tank top and seven shots are heard.
The man entering the car appears to go limp. A sustained car horn blares. A woman nearby jumps up and down, apparently in anguish.

Video clip

Raysean White, who filmed the video clip that drew more than 2.4 million views from Crump’s Twitter feed alone, was across the street when he heard women arguing, he said. He saw Blake arrive and order one of his sons into a vehicle. The boy happily obliged and Blake walked into a home behind a woman, he said.

White stepped away and when he returned, he said, police were wrestling with Blake. White doesn’t know what started the argument, he said. He began filming what he called the middle and the end of the altercation, he said, explaining he was angry and traumatized by what he saw and couldn’t sleep Sunday night.

“The police want everybody to know they’re out here to protect and serve, but you guys are constantly giving us — Black people, in particular — reasons not to let you guys protect and serve,” White told CNN. “We don’t want you guys around because we are scared for our lives. You come to an incident to disarm an argument, and this Black man gets shot. It wasn’t supposed to go down that.”

Blake’s family Statement

Attorney Benjamin Crump in a statement said that Blake’s family reached out to him for assistance. Crump said Blake’s three young sons were in the car when he was shot. “They saw a cop shoot their father. They will be traumatized forever. We cannot let officers violate their duty to PROTECT us. Our kids deserve better!!” Crump said in a post on Twitter.

After the shooting, the Kenosha County declared a countywide state of the emergency curfew that is being enforced by the Kenosha Sheriff’s Department from 10:15 p.m. Sunday until 7 a.m. Monday.

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