Jaden Ashman

Jaden Ashman Bio: He is 15-years-old British schoolboy, who wins £1.8m in the Fortnite World Cup.

Jaden Ashman Bio

He was born in 2004 in UK. 15-years-old Jaden started playing the game on the day it came out and spent as many as eight hours daily practicing in his room.

His mother said that she tried to hard to stop him from playing the game that she threw out his Xbox and snapped his headset.

Fortnite World Cup

Jaden who goes by the gamer name Wolfiez, will split the $2.25m (£1.8m) win with his Dutch gaming partner Dave “Rojo” Jong.

The pair were narrowly beaten in the duos event of the online shooter game contest by Norwegian Emil Bergquist Pedersen and Austrian David W.

Norwegian Emil Bergquist Pedersen and Austrian David W – Nyhrox and Aqua – took first place, winning by 51 points to Ashman and Jong’s 47.

The singles final takes place on Sunday.

Jaden has played the game since it came out around two years ago, but unlike many of the finalists, he is relatively unknown with only a few thousand followers and fans on gaming social media.

His mother, Lisa Dallman, said she and her son used to have rows because his grades suffered at school.

She said she once threw out an Xbox after an argument – but now accepts Jaden’s career choice as a professional esports player.

More than 30 nations are represented with 70 players coming from the US, 14 from France and 11 from the UK.

Fortnite is arguably the world’s most popular game and involves 100 players being dropped onto an island where they have to find weapons, build structures and eliminate each other until one player comes out on top.

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