Kansas City Shooter : Jahron Swift Bio, Wiki, Age, Family, Death Cause

Jahron Swift

Jahron Swift Bio, Wiki

Jahron Swift identified as the suspect of a mass shooting of Kansas City. At least 16 people wounded, 1 fatally, at a Kansas City nightclub a couple hours. He also died at the scene.

Jahron Swift Age

He was 29 years old

Kansas City Shooting

The shooting occurred outside at 9ine Ultra Lounge bar about 11:30 p.m. on January 19, 2020, in the 4800 blocks of Noland Road. It is not yet clear whether all of the wounded suffered gunshot injuries. The bar was hosting a Chiefs’ party.

Kansas City.com reported that the shooter started firing into a line of people waiting to get inside” the club. The motive remains unclear. Jahron Swift was 29 years old.

As the investigation unfolded at least 15 other victims arrived at area hospitals. At this time 3 of those victims are listed in critical condition. An armed security guard at the business engaged the shooter outside of the establishment.

They added: We believe the shooter is the deceased adult male. The circumstances that lead to this shooting are unknown.

Detectives and crime scene investigators will be collecting evidence and talking with witnesses to gather more information to see what lead to this shooting. The next anticipated information release will most likely be the ID of deceased victims once the next of kin have been notified.

kansas city shooting Video


Video captured gunfire and what appears to be people pursuing the gunfire. Be aware that there is bad language in it.

Another video shows a man running while carrying what appears to be a wounded woman in his arms. “Are you hit?” a man says in one of the videos.