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Jake Davison is a gunman who shot five people dead in Plymouth before shooting himself was named by locals tonight as Jake Davison. Several witnesses reported that Davison scaffold, who was in his 20s, had carried out the attack that left a five-year-old girl among the dead.

He has shot members of his own family before going outside and opening fire on strangers. His rampage left the girl, two women, and two men dead, and it’s believed that most of his victims are not known to him. Two dog walkers were among those shot.

Witnesses have described seeing the gunman dressed in black and grey and breaking down the door of a row house and opening fire in the Keyham area of the city shortly after6 pm. yesterday. He was carrying a long-barreled pistol and was seen fleeing towards the rear of the property and into a park, where he allegedly ran into the two dog walkers and opened fire.

The naval port city where the killings occurred was closed as emergency response teams rushed to the scene. Local MPs urged residents to “stay calm” and stay indoors while they awaited more information, adding that it was a “gloomy day for our city and our community.”


Jake Davison’s age is unknown.

Incident Detail

The first in Britain involving an ‘active shooter’ in 11 years was so severe that Home Secretary Priti Patel received regular updates. Security sources said it was not being treated as a terrorist incident.

Sharron Turner, 57, who lives behind the shooting scene, said a gunman had ‘kicked in the front door of a row house before shooting a young mother and her daughter, who was about five years old. “We heard a series of loud knocks that I said sounded like gunshots,” Miss Turner told The Times. He then ran into the park, and there were more shots. I heard someone say that he had shot his brother.


An air ambulance lands near the scene where the shooter went on a murderous rampage in Plymouth last night, killing at least five people at random After attack, the gunman escaped through a park behind the house in Northdown Crescent and shot two dog walkers; she claimed

Robert Pinkerton, 54, told the BBC he had ‘bumped into a bloke with a shotgun’ after he heard a ‘loud bang’. Mr. Pinkerton then saw an injured woman in the doorway of hairdressers and witnessed a man trying to give her medical attention. While resident Michelle Abdullah wrote said: ‘Sad day, a man shot his whole family of him then went on a random shoot out. Police are right outside my house. Three air ambulances at the park out my back garden. ‘

Last night a video posted on social media showed a body covered in a sheet lying on the pavement as an armed policeman stood close by. One witness told MailOnline: ‘I was at my mate’s house after going to the gym. We were in his kitchen making some sandwiches, and suddenly we heard shouting followed by screaming.

‘We thought nothing of it as the area can be noisy sometimes. We soon after heard what we thought was a firework going off, so we walked towards the house’s front. We then saw the body of the gunman and called 999.’ And resident, John, said: ‘I heard the air ambulance helicopters, and two of them landed in the playing field behind us.

‘Then we could hear police cars screeching and we saw armed response officers running up the hill, carrying guns. And loads of ambulances arrived. I went out to check that people were all right and to ask if there was anything we could do, and the Police Community Support Officers told everyone to get back indoors. ‘Then we saw the ambulances take people away. It all seemed to be happening at the man’s family home, I think. People are saying that the man has killed himself. He’s only a young guy, late teens or early 20s.

Causes of Death

Last night, armed police, the Hazardous Area Response Unit (HART), National Police Air Service, and around three air ambulances raced to the scene of the ‘serious and tragic incident following reports of’ loud bangs’ and ‘gun shots’ just after6 pm. In the aftermath of the attack, Johnny Mercer, the Conservative MP for Plymouth Moor View, sought to reassure his constituents on Twitter, saying the incident was ‘not terror-related and the suspect involved was not ‘on the run’.

As the scenes continue to unfold, local Labor MP Luke Pollard also tweeted: ‘Really worrying news coming out of Keyham in Plymouth. Please can everyone stay safe, stay indoors and follow police advice. ‘He added: ‘Awaiting confirmation of several victims, but this looks like a bleak day for our city and our community.

And Home Secretary Priti Patel said: ‘The incident in Plymouth is shocking and my thoughts are with those affected. ‘I urge everyone to remain calm, follow police advice, and allow our emergency services to get on with their jobs.’ Meanwhile, Labor leader Keir Starmer said: ‘There’s much we don’t know about the shocking events in Plymouth. However, it’s clear tragedy has hit Keyham. My thoughts are with the families and neighbors of those caught up in this nightmare. I pay tribute to our emergency services who ran towards events we’d all run from. ‘

Investigation Report

Forensic teams carry out their investigations after the gunman committed a murderous rampage in Plymouth last night. The once quiet cul-de-sac where the killings occurred was locked up when emergency response teams rushed to the scene. A police officer patrols the area with a sniffer dog as emergency crews arrive at Biddick Drive in North Prospect just after6 pm.

Police set up a tent in the area, and cordons were placed around a block of flats to prevent pedestrians from entering the room. The Hazardous Area Response Unit (HART), the National Police Air Service, and paramedics are on site. The force and forensic teams descend on the area as blocked the region in an emergency response to the shooting. 

Forensic teams are conducting their investigations after the gunman shot himself in Plymouth last night.

Another female who was treated at the scene, also for gunshot wounds, died later in hospital. Luke Pollard, MP for Plymouth Sutton and Devonport, tweeted: “I’m utterly devastated that one of the people killed in the Keyham shooting was a child under 10 years old.” He also confirmed that more people were being treated for their injuries in the hospital.

Speaking to Sky News on Friday morning, Mr. Pollard described the incident as “utterly devastating” and said the police were still trying to piece together what happened. Officers were called to Biddick Drive at about6.10 pm last night.

South Western Ambulance Service also sent hazardous Area Response Teams, multiple ambulances, air ambulances, doctors, and senior paramedics to the scene. Police declared a “critical incident” but stressed the shooting was not terror-related and they are not looking for anyone else in connection with what happened.

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