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Jamar Mackey is a black man who arrested in a shopping mall in Virginia Beach, Va., Dec. 19, 2020, after he was mistaken for a suspect in a credit card theft. This happened in front of his fiancée Shantel Covil and their two children.


Jamar Mackey is 32-years-old as of 2020.

Why Jamar Mackey Arrested?

Mackey and his family were visiting the Lynnhaven Mall in Virginia Beach on Dec. 19 when an officer approached him and without explanation, put him in handcuffs, only to say that he wanted to speak with him outside. Mackey was walked out of the mall while protesting that he was not the intended suspect.

Once outside, Mackey and Covil appealed to another white officer, telling him repeatedly that they have the wrong person. “Maybe you are the wrong person,” the officer responded, telling Mackey to “calm down” and “relax.”

After getting on his radio, the sergeant told Mackey that he was indeed the wrong man but briefly kept Mackey in handcuffs while saying “give me one minute” to explain.

Mackey demanded the handcuffs be removed immediately and the sergeant complied, telling Mackey that he matched the description of a credit card fraud suspect with dreadlocks and dressed all in black.

A few minutes into the incident, police realized they had the wrong person and explained that they thought Mackey fit the description of someone who was suspected of using stolen credit cards. The incident was captured on camera by Mackey’s fiancée Shantel Covil, but there was no bodycam footage.

Police Apology

The Virginia Beach Police Department has issued an apology after an officer mistook a Black man for a credit card thief and publicly handcuffed him with his family watching at a crowded mall.

Jamar Mackey was at the Lynnhaven Mall in Virginia Beach on Saturday when an officer approached him at the food court, where he sat enjoying food with his family, and handcuffed him, bystander video posted to Facebook showed. Although he denied involvement in the theft, officers escorted Mackey out of the mall in handcuffs, only to release him after realizing he was the wrong person.

Viral Video

After the video of the altercation went viral, the VBPD and Police Chief Paul Neudigate released a statement on Sunday.

“Certainly, anyone would be upset about being detained for something they didn’t do,” Neudigate said. “While the video shows the officer stayed calm and respectful throughout the brief encounter, we must ensure the situation merits the response. We are gathering all the facts to evaluate the incident so we can address the concerns people have raised.

The statement also noted that an investigation is underway to review the arresting officer’s response to the matter.

Police detain a Black man at a Virginia mall as he and his family were eating.