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James Denthony Reid is an 18-years-old suspect arrested in connection with the shooting death of a “pure” Alabama teenager who was shot dead in his bedroom window.

James Denthony Reid Age

James Denthony Reid is 18-years-old.

James Denthony Reid Accused Of?

Police and grieving family members say a suspect was arrested after a young Alabama man opened fire and died after entering his bedroom window.

James Denthoney Reid, 18, was charged with mass murder in Friday’s “shocking and insensitive” murder of 13-year-old Callan Allen in Tuscaloosa, where investigators believe Reid targeted a relative. Was making On Sunday night, police said he was older than a teenager.

Reid was sent to prison without bail, and investigators hope to make more arrests in the case, police said in a statement. It is not clear if Reid hired a lawyer to represent him.

According to police, family members told AL.com that Kaylan may not have heard of the 13 shots fired at his home, one of which went through his bedroom window and hit him in the head. The young man was pronounced dead at the scene.

“I don’t think he heard the shots,” cousin Corey Privet told the store. “I’m pretty sure it was an AR pistol that hit him in the head.”

Callan’s mother’s statement.

Privat said Kaylan’s mother, Christina Barnes, called her only son after hearing gunshots but never heard him speak again.

“She didn’t answer after that, so she went into the room, and he fell,” Privet added. “He grabbed her and said, ‘I love you, I love you.’ An innocent child with a bullet in his head

Police said shell casings were scattered across the street in front of the boy’s home. Police said investigators had to use their wallets as temporary evidence markers to access business cards.

“Last night, our police chief had to tell a mother and father that her young child was gone,” Tuscaloosa Police said in a statement Saturday morning. The parents and family of a 13-year-old boy had to stand on the other side of the road to see the medical staff take the ambulance after realizing there was nothing they could do.

According to AL.com, Kaylan is survived by his parents, three sisters, and a close family.

“It simply came to our notice then. “It’s a difficult time, and I can’t say we’re handling it well.”

Privat said his late academic cousin was an art and tech learner and had dozens of books in his room. According to AL.com, when a dictionary was open near him.

“He was a very bright and intelligent young man, and they snatched his future,” Privet said. “He was in the safest place: at home. He wasn’t a street kid.”

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