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Jarrid Wilson Bio

Jarrid Wilson Was an Author From Orange County, California Who Wrote a Lot About Suicide in the Days Before His Death. He died of suicide at age 30.

Jarrid Wilson Wrote on Suicide

His Amazon author bio describes him as “a husband, dad, pastor, author and founder of Anthem of Hope.

Here’s a link to his books.

His articles have been viewed by tens-of-millions, showcased on some of today’s hottest talk shows, and featured on national news stations worldwide.

He is a dynamic speaker whose outside-the-box perspectives have gained him national recognition from some of today’s most influential Christian leaders and pastors.”

The biography continues: “His highly unconventional way of sharing faith takes a fresh look at the way Jesus would call individuals to live out their everyday lives.


Unafraid to tackle tough and controversial topics, Jarrid is known for his refreshing perspectives on what others may view as set in black and white.”

He wrote a lot about suicide recently on Twitter. September 9, 2019, he wrote, “Loving Jesus doesn’t always cure suicidal thoughts.

Loving Jesus doesn’t always cure depression.

Loving Jesus doesn’t always cure PTSD.

Loving Jesus doesn’t always cure anxiety.

But that doesn’t mean Jesus doesn’t offer us companionship and comfort.

He ALWAYS does that.”

Jarrid Wilson Wife, Children

Jarrid Wilson was married to his wife Juli, the couple had a daughter and a son.

Jarrid Wilson gushed about his family on social media, including his kids. “Happy first day of school little buddy! Your mommy (@itsjuliwilson) and I are so proud of you, and we cannot believe how quickly you are growing up,” he wrote with one photo of his son.


“You’re going to bring so much joy to the world, and we’re so excited to watch you grow up into the man that God designed you to be. You’ll always be my little birdman. Love you, Finch!”

He posted pictures of his family, including at a trampoline park. Of his wife, he wrote, “There is no one more talented, more beautiful, and more godly than you sweetheart. I love you! I wouldn’t want to do life with anyone else. You’re the peanut butter to my jelly. And boy do I like peanut butter.”

“She means everything to me,” he wrote with another post.

According to a post from Harvest Church, Jarrid “is survived by his wife, Juli, his two sons, Finch and Denham, his mother, father, and siblings.”


Jarrid Wilson Death and Cause

Jarrid Wilson, who died of suicide at age 30, was a megachurch pastor who was known for his mental health advocacy, his efforts to prevent suicide, and his writings.


Jarrid Wilson Wife Tribute

Wilson’s wife Julie posted a moving tribute to her husband on Instagram in the wake of his suicide. “My loving, giving, kind-hearted, encouraging, handsome, hilarious, give the shirt off his back husband went to be with Jesus late last night,” she wrote.

“No more pain, my jerry, no more struggle. You are made complete and you are finally free. Suicide and depression fed you the worst lies, but you knew the truth of Jesus and I know you’re by his side right this very second.”

She added: “I love you forever, Thomas jarrid Wilson, but I have to say that you being gone has completely ripped my heart out of my chest.

You loved me and our boys relentlessly and we are forever grateful that I had YOU as a husband and a father to my boys. You are my forever and I will continue to let other people know of the hope in Jesus you found and spoke so boldly about,”


The heart-wrenching post continued: “Suicide doesn’t get the last word. I won’t let it. You always said ‘Hope Gets the last word. Jesus does.’

Your life’s work has led thousands to the feet of Jesus and your boldness to tell others about your struggle with anxiety and depression has helped so many other people feel like they weren’t alone.

YOU WERE an anthem of hope to everyone, baby, and I’ll do my best to continue your legacy of love until my last breath.”

She concluded, “I need you, jare. But you needed Jesus to hold you and I have to be okay with that.

You are everything to me. Since the day we met. J & J. Love you more. These are photos of him in his happy place – fishing the day away. I’ll teach our boys all your tricks, babe. Promise. You are my #anthemofhope.”

In a later post, Julie wrote, “Can’t sleep, so I’m watching this video over and over again. I took this on Monday evening around 7:30 pm at our son’s baseball practice. By 11:45 that night, my sweet husband was in the presence of Jesus.

I love you, jarrid. I miss you beyond what my heart can stand. Thank you for loving our boys and me with the greatest passion and selfishness I’ve ever seen or felt in my entire life.”


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