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According to Jarron Pridgeon Wiki, Bio and Biography, He is the man accused of shooting five children ages five to nine and his brother to death in a grisly slaying in Muskogee, Oklahoma. Pridgeon Lived in the Home With the Six Victims. The children, their aunt says, were going to “change the world.”

Children mother name is Brittany Anderson.

Brittany Anderson Children

The incident occurred on 2 February 2021. Brittany Anderson was brutally attacked and 5 of her children were killed. Their names were Jalaiya (2), Jaidus(3), Harmony(5), Nevaeh(6), and Quedynce who had just turned 9 on January 12th.


Jarron Pridgeon age is

Five Children Killed

In a question and answer session, Hamlin said, “The entirety of individuals included did live in that home when the shooting occurred. Five of the kids are expired. One was shipped to the emergency clinic and passed on later. There’s one more casualty at the clinic.”

Police don’t have the foggiest idea about the speculate’s relationship to the family yet said they “all lived in the home together.”

The individual who endures is cognizant and in stable condition, said police.

“She adores her kids and I am simply going to request to petition God for Brittany. It doesn’t make a difference what her past is, petition God for her currently,” said Kenyonne Derrick, who says she guided the mother, to KTUL-TV, of Anderson.

Pridgeon Crime History

Pridgeon has three earlier cases in Muskogee County. One case was recorded as a criminal lawful offence for “theft of a car. He was captured in 2017. His lawyer requested to pull out from the case, saying that Pridgeon hadn’t paid and didn’t keep in contact. The examiner made a movement for a psychological wellness and competency assessment of Pridgeon all things considered. The lawful offence allegation was excused in the wake of being altered to wrongdoing checks, court records say. He was announced destitute. He was blamed for taking a lady’s Ford Taurus.

The subsequent case was likewise a crime. The charges were “attack, battery, or threatening behaviour with a hazardous weapon,” and “take steps to perform a demonstration of brutality,” and “pernicious injury to property.”

The third case was a criminal offence. The charges were blocking and opposing an official and ownership of a controlled hazardous substance. He was blamed for pulling endlessly from an official and declining to give his name, just as having pot.

Brittany Anderson Sister, GoFundMe Page

“My name is Raven Anderson, I am Brittany Anderson’s sister. “My sister is still in critical condition, but we have the utmost faith that she will pull through. My nieces and nephew had bright futures ahead of them and I know they were going to change the world, but God needed them more than we did, so he called them home sooner than we could’ve ever expected.”

There is a GoFundMe page to help the mother.

Mayor Statement

Marlon Coleman, the mayor of Muskogee, said in a statement, “Today tragedy struck our community the likes of which we have not seen in decades. Many of us went to bed resting in anticipation of tomorrow’s hopes, only to have awakened to know that five babies with unlimited potential are no longer with us; their lives were taken prematurely, their families grappling with a new horror, and our community paralyzed with grief.”

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