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Youth, an “airplane crane” that uses a microphone in the middle of an airplane, and a strange moment captured on video that has now gone viral.

Karen was on the plane and posted the video on Twitter. “I just bought Wi-Fi on the flight,” the youth wrote on the video. “We’re in the air right now.”


His age is not clear.

Event details

In the video, an unidentified Karen stands in the middle of the corridor of the plane and reveals that she had brought her microphone with her. You can see that she is speaking into the microphone.

She then proceeded to harass the passengers in a tumultuous series of comments. At one point, she raised her voice and screamed at the passengers.

Another passenger and flight attendant stand up and intervene, but the woman walks for a while.

“I brought my microphone, I’m going to use it. The epidemic started because humans have lost a little bit of faith.

On another occasion, he declared, “I don’t need to cough. But I think you’re all enjoying it because, as I said, I’m not terrible to look at. The main reason was that the Internet; the reason the Internet started is that no one here is more confident; you don’t even know what the truth is; my dog ​​understands more than any of you. Comments that people are focusing too much on electronics to appreciate reality.

“Are you going to cuff me? I’m completely harmless,” he said elsewhere.

It is then taken down the corridor.

The video of the youth on the plane Karen has seen more than 2.1 million views.

People’s reaction.

People abused this woman on the Tik Tok comment thread of her youth.

One person wrote, “That flylist will be so long that it will look like a CVS receipt.”

Another wrote, “She really thought she was going to have a TED talk during the flight.”

“Support the lighting department,” another joked.

“Was it a scene deleted from ‘Brides’,” another joked.

“Where did she get the mic? I thought she was a flight attendant for the first half,” wrote another (she wasn’t.)

“Why spend hundreds of dollars for the sole purpose of boarding a plane to arrest people? Save money and get arrested already.

Another wrote, “Flying really ranks with the bus ride there.”

Another said with a laugh, “Portable mic bags are about to be banned.”

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