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Jaxon Buell was a 5-years-old-boy from Orlando. He was was born on Aug. 27, 2014, with a part of his brain missing. Little Brave Jaxon has tragically passed away in his dad’s arms.


He has died at the age of 5


He was born to his parents Father Brandon and Mother Brittany. according to parents, Buell died on April 1 “very peacefully and comfortably.”

He was surrounded by his parents and his family and enjoyed so much love and snuggles in the final moments of his life and journey with us.” Jaxon was unable to walk or talk, but his parents shared his many milestones on the now-deleted Facebook page We Are Jaxon Strong, where followers saw him smiling and appearing to communicate with noises and eye contact.


Little Jaxon, from Florida, was born in 2014 with Microhydranencephaly – a severe developmental abnormality that means a portion of his brain and skull were missing.

Microhydranencephaly is a rare disease in which the brain accumulates fluid, and does not fully form, according to the Genetic and Rare Disease Information Center.

The brave boy defied all the odds six years ago when he was born at 37 weeks with just 20 percent of his brain and was never expected to walk, talk or hear.

Jaxon is not the first boy with the condition to captivate the world with his bravery in fighting the condition. Two years ago, Ah Neath was born in February in a remote village in eastern Cambodia with a severe crater in the front of her head.

Her mum Srey and dad Heang were forced to sell their family home to pay for their little girl’s medical care. Ah Neath was kept in hospital for two months, where she was given regular oxygen to regulate her breathing.

Death Cause

Jaxon passed away from his body and organs shutting down, as is common with children like him. After his birth, the boy soon became known as ‘Jaxon Strong’ on the internet, with his parents gaining over 200,000 followers on Facebook. They used the page to share moving moments, such as Jaxon telling his mom “I love you” in 2015.


“I have no idea how this healing process is supposed to go. All I know is how proud of my son I am, how much I will miss him, how much he has changed my life, and how much he has touched countless others,” Brandon told WJXT.

The grieving dad also addressed his son’s death on Instagram, reportedly writing that he would never forget Jaxon’s “beautiful bright blue eyes and his perfect smile.”

“I love you so much, Jaxon. I can’t wait to see you again someday in your perfect form, running and laughing in Heaven,” he wrote. “Enjoy the head start, son. You earned it by being the most perfect, the sweetest, and the strongest little boy ever.”

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