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Jeff Grosso
Jeff Grosso

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Jeff Grosso, skateboarder legend and host of Vans’ Love Letter To Skateboarding has died on March 31, 2020. He was 51. According to Skateboarding Transworld reports, he passed away at his home, but no further details were given at this time.

Jeff Grosso Bio – Biography

He was born on April 28, 1968, Grosso, originally from Glendale, California. In an interview with King Skateboard four years ago, Grosso opened about his sobriety. While he tried every drug in the book after injuries from skateboarding, he developed a serious addiction to pain pills. “I was only on them for a short period of time,” Grosso said. “Being a recovering opiate addict, I only took the pills as prescribed and it came to a time for me to kick them. I kicked cold turkey.”

Grosso said the kicking his pill addiction was just as difficult as kicking off hard drugs. “It’s all the same… Vicodin is an opiate. Heroin is an opiate… If you’ve been on it for more than seven days you’re going to feel the withdrawal. Some people with addictive personalities like me get extreme withdrawals and others don’t feel a f***ing thing.”

Skateboarding Career

While his professional career had its extreme ups and downs, in the end, Grosso landed on top. In 2018 Vans built “The Grosso Vert Ramp” in their parking lot. “It’s super f***ing embarrassing that my name is on it but it’s very sweet of Steve Van Doren to do that,” Grosso told Thrasher.


In an interview with Juice magazine, Grosso said his love for skateboarding was instantaneous. “My mom brought home a skateboard from her boss at work,” Grosso recalled. “It was a California Surfer board. Urethane wheels were already out, but I had this s***ty skateboard with clay wheels and s***ty bearings. I lived on a hill in Eagle Rock. It was super rough asphalt. I couldn’t stand up on the board, yet. I had no concept of that at all. I would sit on that board and roll down the hill. I was doing that for a few days until I dissolved the wheels.”

Grosso entered his first contest at age 12 and won. From that point on, he was hooked for life. At the time skateboarding was an emerging sport, but Grosso and his friends would ride around looking for new parks, then started skating on homemade ramps and pipes. He received his first sponsorship from Veriflex, before travelling around with Powell, skating with Santa Cruz, and Black Label.

After dropping out of high school, Grosso self-emancipated and turned pro for Schmitt Stix before returning to Santa Cruz. Whether he was making money or not, Grosso just loved to skate.

Wife and Children

We will soon update Jeff Grosso’s wife details. The skateboarding legend’s genes seemed to have been passed down to Grosso’s son, Oliver, who’s featured in multiple videos on Grosso’s Instagram. He wrote of his son on Instagram, “He saves me every day.”


Grosso’s entire social media pages are filled with either skateboarding pictures or photos of his son. Together, they went boogie-boarding, played soccer, and of course, hit the local skate park. Even though Grosso had multiple surgeries throughout his career, he still loved to skate, especially on a vert ramp.

Oliver’s mom, Vanessa, and Grosso were together from at least 2010 and welcomed Oliver together in 2012. It appears they separated sometime in 2018.


Suicide At His Mother’s House In Arizona

Despite his incredible success, Gross struggled with his demons and overdosed three times on heroin. In an interview with Skateboarding Transworld, he opened up these dark times in his life.

He said, “I overdosed out in Arizona at my mother’s house, which is brilliant. That was actually a suicide attempt but whatever. I had been out for so long, that was one of those DOA trips. I had been out for so long, all your veins start to collapse. So they couldn’t find a vein to get the Narcan in. Eventually, they just had to shove it into my jugular. Right in the neck.”

So I woke up strapped to a table, my head strapped to a table with a pick line in my neck. It pops you right up. Like I said it’s like being lit on fire from the inside out. You wake right up like, “What the f***.” And all these doctors are standing there like, ‘You idiot. Do you know where you are?’ I was like, ‘I don’t know. Australia?’ The lighting in the room looked like Australia to me.”

Grosso shared these honest stories hoping to deglamorize drugs. As a public figure, he was an open book.

Death Cause

Jeff Grosso has died on March 31, 2020. He was 51. According to Skateboarding Transworld reports, he passed away at his home, but no further details were given at this time.