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Jeffrey Evans, 55, is wanted in connection with the alleged shooting of a 65-year-old woman who collected only the money she received by collecting boxes at St. Edwards in Fort Green on September 28 at 4:40 p.m. And on the Wolubi streets. He identified the man he believed dragged a woman and killed her during a robbery in Brooklyn on Tuesday, and the NYPD’s chief police officer said he was working for a criminal justice system. No stranger

Evans had 11 open court cases, Commissioner of Police Dermot Shi said during an appearance on Fox 5’s Good Day New York program on Tuesday morning. One party will say that as long as he appears in court, everything is going well, “said the Chief Constable.” And I will say that everything is not going well. They forget about the victims who are going through the pain of such incidents, and how much damage a person can do. So this is a complete and complete failure in my book. ”

Jeffrey Evans Suspected – Wanted.

As the commissioner has done in the past, he pointed to the State Bail Reform Act, which came into force last year and kept many of the attackers out of jail.

He said in 1010 WINS, “It happens when you change the system too fast without the involvement of law enforcement.” “You don’t take your car to the mechanic and tell him what to do. You have to listen to the police when you talk about these changes in criminal justice, and I think when you didn’t. So you’re seeing results. ”

A video released last week shows the victim running down the street to avoid the man who was running after him. A fight ensues in the middle of the street, as the accused repeatedly pulls the bag, but the brave victim refuses to give it away. The suspect is seen punching the woman in the face and dragging her to the sidewalk, where the fighting is ongoing. Eventually, the woman grabbed her purse, and the accused returned to his motorcycle and pedaled.

Many people crossed the road and Sidewalk While the accused was fighting with the victim, including two people who were a few meters away from the scene of the incident. The victim, who suffered from pain and swelling in the face as well as back pain and amputation, was taken to Brooklyn Hospital Center in stable condition.

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