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Jennifer Haller
Jennifer Haller

Jennifer Haller Bio – Wiki

Jennifer Haller is a Seattle woman who volunteered for the first time testing an experimental vaccine that was developed to help prevent the coronavirus.

She received the first of two injections on 16 March. The medical examination is being conducted at Seattle’s Kaiser Permanente Washington Health Research Institute. Researchers recruited 45 healthy individuals to participate in the first phase of the trial, which was funded by the National Institutes of Health.


Haller has a bachelor’s degree in communications from the University of Washington.

Husband & Children

Jennifer Haller lives with her husband and two teenagers in Seattle, one of the first hotspots of the coronavirus in the United States.


According to her LinkedIn page, she also is an animal rescuer. Haller says she fosters “special-needs dogs during their transition from high-kill shelters in CA and TX to their forever homes in Seattle.”

According to her Facebook page, Haller is also the co-founder of a consulting firm called The Flight Team. The company works primarily with tech start-ups.

Haller works at a tech company called Attunely Inc as an operations manager. She praised the company’s website as a “battle-tested operations professional” with a “special passion for helping tech companies establish their unique culture and fostering workplace environments where employees feel comfortable and valued.”

Haller is First Seattle Woman who Try COVID-19 Vaccine

Haller told the Associated Press her two teenage children think it’s “cool” that she is part of this first trial. “We all feel so helpless. This is an amazing opportunity for me to do something.”

The biotechnology company Moderna created the vaccine called mRNA-1273. As researchers explained in a news release, the team first needs to determine the “safety of various doses and whether these doses produce an immune response. Phase I trials are not designed to determine whether the vaccine is effective in preventing coronavirus infection. That work comes at a later phase of the vaccine research.”

Medical professionals developed and produced the experimental vaccine at record-breaking speed as the coronavirus spread rapidly around the world. The National Institutes of Health says scientists were able to learn from past studies of similar coronavirus strains.

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NIAID Director Anthony Fauci has praised the team’s work. “Finding a safe and effective vaccine to prevent infection with SARS-CoV-2 is an urgent public health priority. This Phase 1 study, launched in record speed, is an important first step toward achieving that goal.”

There is no chance Haller could end up becoming infected from the vaccine itself. Kaiser Permanente explained that the injection “does not contain any part of the actual coronavirus and cannot cause infection.”

Haller will be monitored over the course of a year after she receives the second vaccine. But even if it is successful at protecting Haller from the virus, it will need to be tested across a much larger sample before it could be given to patients nationwide. That is why health officials have been saying that a coronavirus vaccine could take 12 to 18 months before it is ready for mass distribution.

Haller said she felt privileged to be in a position to help. “I’m healthy. I have a full-time salary job, my company is flexible, and they allow me to take time off to do this. I have the support of friends and family. My real concern is for the people that have hourly jobs, that lives are going to be severely impacted coming up soon.”