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Jeon Mi-seon Biography
Jeon Mi-seon Biography

Jeon Mi-seon Wiki

Jeon Mi-seon was a famous South Korean actress. She was best known as a supporting actress in films and television series such as Memories of Murder, Moon Embracing the Sun and Hide and Seek, Jeon Mi-seon also played the leading role in Love Is a Crazy Thing.

Jeon Mi-seon Biography

Jeon Mi-seon was born on 7 December 1970 in South Korea. She was found dead around midday local time on Saturday in a hotel in Jeonju. She was 48.
Born: December 7, 1970, South Korea
Died: June 29, 2019, Jeonju-si, South Korea Trending
Height: 1.6 m
Spouse: Sang-hun Park (m. 2006–2019)
Children: Park Se-young

Jeon Mi-seon Death Cause

On June 29, 2019, actress-manager made a frantic 119 call. He was initially unable to reach her, so after checking, he found out that she had checked in alone.

Mi-seon body was found at around 11.45 am at a hotel in Jeonju, which is 240 kilometers south of Seoul.

The police, in addition, validated that the actress checked in the room alone. Initial investigations show that the actress did no longer go away behind a suicide note.

They will be conducting a similar investigation to rule out possible foul play.

The actress was in the city for her stage performances for 2 Days and three Nights. Jeon used to be scheduled to perform at the Samsung Culture Center of Chonbuk National University.

Following the news of her death, the organizers canceled the performance on the 29th.

UPDATE: Further investigations now expose that Jeon was once found in the restroom of her motel room, where the apparent drowning happened.

The police, in addition, pronounced that the actress was nonetheless alive when the 119 paramedics arrived, but she was already in cardiac arrest.

Hotel staff suggested that she checked in by myself at 1 am. No one else entered her room after, ruling out foul play.

Jeon made an ultimate smartphone call to her father at 1:40 a.m, and was once estimated to have succumbed to her melancholy at around 2 a.m.