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Jessica Leidolph According to local police, a leopard attacked a woman during a photoshoot in Germany, leaving her with serious injuries to her face.

The DPA news agency reports that the attack occurred on Tuesday in the eastern German city of Nebra at a shelter for retired show animals.

The 36-year-old victim was modeling with a pair of leopards in her compound when one attacked her, police say. She was rushed to a specialized clinic by helicopter after the attack, leaving her with head injuries.


Jessica Leidolph is 36 years old.

Jessica Leidolph Leopard Attack

Jessica was attacked by a leopard during a photoshoot in Germany. It is said that her ordeal marked her for life.

Leidolph who is also an animal rights activist, had to be airlifted to a specialized clinic after the incident on Tuesday, August 24, at a complex in the eastern German city of Nebra. . The complex is reportedly used as a retirement home for show animals, one of which is the 16-year-old Troja leopard, who attacked Leidolph during filming.

Leidolph entered the leopard’s enclosure at the ‘Seniorenresidenz fur Showtiere’, which translates to ‘retreat house for show animals’ when the 16-year-old beast attacked her without provocation. The incident is being investigated by German authorities, which are targeting the big cat’s owner, Birgit Stache, 48, on suspicion of negligent bodily injury, according to the DPA news agency. Police are also investigating what security precautions were taken and who else was present at the photoshoot.


Jessica Leidolph has identified the victim,  She is a model who has posed with many different animals in the past.
Randolph says that she underwent surgery after her blow, which left her with several head injuries.

“She kept biting my cheek, ear, and head repeatedly,” she told Bild, a German tabloid that she has modeled for in the past.

Police Investigation

Police are investigating the 48-year-old owner of the leopard on suspicion of negligent bodily injury. Public health officials are also examining the shelter to determine if it meets safety standards.

Randolph was reportedly attacked by Troja, a 16-year-old leopard who has been at the shelter since 2019.

Troja, a 16-year-old leopard, is displayed at the Seniorenresidenz für Showtiere in Nebra, Germany.

Troja and the other leopard, 18-year-old Paris, used to appear in Panasonic television commercials, according to a report by Bild.

The shelter owner worked for 20 years as an animal trainer for circuses and amusement parks, reports DPA.

His refuge, Seniorenresidenz für Showtiere, is home to more than 130 retired animal artists, including big cats, seals, pigs, and ponies.

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