Jessica Scarpone

Who is Jessica Scarpone

Jessica Scarpone Bio: she was a 27-year-old jogger from New York, who was found dead in his Midtown apartment.

She graduated from the Savannah College of Art & Design with a BFA in Illustration in June 2015.

She soon moved to New York City, to work as an Illustrator and Stylist for lifestyle photography at an online publication.

In September 2018, she returned to Savannah to pursue an MA in Graphic Design & Visual Experience.

Aside from her artistic pursuits, Jessy is an avid runner, cookie connoisseur, part-time philosopher, and a decent joke-teller.

Jessica Scarpone 27, was working at Garden Collage, an online gardening magazine.

Scarpone was a native of Libertyville, Illinois, who attended college in Savannah, Georgia. Since 2014, she had been living on-and-off in New York City.

Jessica Scarpone Missing

She went missing on 29th July 2019 following a run in Manhattan.

she wrote on the running social media app Strava, “This was gonna be 11/12 miles to make up for missing yesterday, but after 2/3, I could tell it just wasn’t gonna happen.

I’ve really been trying to mentally and physically get back into things, and something’s just not clicking. Yes, I could be doing better on sleep.

Yes, it’s hot out. Yes, my mileage hasn’t been ideal Blah blah blah.

A family friend, Hannah Lieberman wrote on Facebook that Scarpone’s mother had filed a missing person report with the NYPD.

In the post, Lieberman said that friends thought Scarbone had run from Columbus Circle up to Hamilton Heights around 147th street. They were unsure if Scarpone would have run along Riverside Drive or through Central Park.

Found Dead

Jessica Sacrpone was found dead on 31st July 2019 inside of her apartment Midtown apartment.

Police are trying to determine what led to the death of a young woman whose body was found in the bedroom in her Midtown apartment Wednesday afternoon.

She discovered face-up in bed in her eighth-floor apartment on W. 58th St. at Tenth Ave. Wednesday, after her brother called 911 and said he hadn’t heard from her, police said Wednesday.

Jessica Scarpone Death Cause

The city medical examiner will determine how Scarpone died, police said.

Scarpone’s body showed no signs of trauma, and she had no history of drug use or known medical conditions, police said.

There was no obvious indication that she had committed suicide and no signs of forced entry into her apartment, an NYPD spokesman said Wednesday.

Jessica Scarpone Facebook , Instagram

Scarpone posted a photo On June 16th to her Instagram page of the New York City skyline with the caption, “back like I never left.”

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