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According to Joel Greenberg Biography and Wiki, He is a former tax collector from Seminole County, Florida, who was arraigned in 2020 on following and sex dealing charges by government specialists who blamed him for having “friendly benefactor connections.”

Greenberg resigned as tax collector in June after he was arrested at his home by federal agents. He faces 14 charges, including allegations that he stalked a political opponent, illegally used a state database to create fake IDs, and sex trafficked a minor.

Federal prosecutors charge that Greenberg used his access as an elected official to a confidential state database to look up information about a girl between the ages of 14 and 17 with whom he was engaged in a “sugar daddy” relationship.

Greenberg is also charged with producing “a false identification document and facilitating his efforts to engage in commercial sex acts,” according to federal indictments filed with the U.S. Attorney’s office in August.


Joel Greenberg is 36 years old.


He is married to his wife, Abby Greenberg.

Elected as Tax Collector

He was elected Seminole County Tax Collector in November 2016 and took office in January 2017. As an innovator and entrepreneur, Mr. Greenberg brings extensive experience in business and technology to the Seminole County Tax Collector’s office.”

Mr. Greenberg’s top priority is to serve Seminole County taxpayers and customers. He focuses on providing faster, more efficient customer service by embracing new technology to improve customer interactions and access to our offices.

Joel Greenberg Crime

Greenberg’s name was back in the news when The New York Times reported that federal authorities are investigating Republican U.S. Rep. Matt Gaetz of Florida on possible sex trafficking violations involving a 17-year-old girl. The newspaper reported that the investigation into whether Gaetz had a sexual relationship with the teen emerged from Greenberg’s prosecution. Gaetz hasn’t been charged or arrested in that probe.

He was the elected Seminole County Tax Collector, “engaged e in the course of conduct that caused and attempted to cause substantial emotional distress to a political opponent who worked at a school located in the Middle District of Florida.

Greenberg caused letters to be sent to the school where the employee worked as part of that course of conduct. The letters falsely represented that they had been sent by an anonymous ‘very concerned student’ of the school who had information that the school employee had engaged in sexual misconduct with a particular student, which Greenberg knew was false.

Greenberg also caused a Facebook account to be set up that claimed to belong to a ‘very concerned teacher’ at the school where the school employee had worked. Greenberg caused postings to be made using that account that falsely alleged that the school employee had engaged in sexual misconduct with a student.

Greenberg also caused an imposter Twitter account to be set up using the school employee’s name and photograph without that person’s knowledge, consent, or authorization. Greenberg caused postings to be made using that account that falsely represented that the school employee was a segregationist and in favor of white supremacy.”

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