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John Cain Bio, Wiki, Age, Wife, Children, Death, Net Worth

John Cain Bio, Wiki

John Cain was an Australian politician and former premier of Victoria. He was the 41st Prime Minister of Victoria as a Labor Party leader. He was born on 26 April 1931 and died on 23 December 2019 at the age of 88.

Quick Bio
Birth Date 26 April 1931
Birth Place Melbourne, Australia
Death Date 23 December 2019
Age 88 years
Profession politician
Education University of Melbourne
Parents John Cain
Net Worth Update Soon

Earlier Life and Education

Kane was born to John Kane, leader of the Labor Party in Victoria, from 1937 to 1957 and three times prime minister. He attended Bell Primary School, Northcote High School, Scotch College, Melbourne, and the University of Melbourne. He graduated in law. He practised law in the suburban city of Melbourne and was president of the Victoria Institute of Victoria in 1972-73. He was also a member of the Australian Law Council and a member of the Australian Law Reform Commission.

At the time of his split in the Labor Party in 1955, Can was 24 years old, tending his father’s last government. He lost an election battle with Frank Wilks in 1957 to his late father’s Northcourt seat.

He was a member of the group, called The Partners, which also included John Button, Richard McGarvey, Frank Costigan and Barry Jones, who took control of the Victorian Labor Party after 1955. He was opposed to the leftist group. 1971 1971.

At Bob, he supported the move of Go Whitlam supporters, led by Bob Hawk and others, who intervened in the Victorian branch in 1971 and abolished leftist control. He became Vice-Chairman of the Victorian Labor Party in 1973. The group of participants later became known as the Freedom Party, which voted primarily with the Socialist Left.

Political career

In 1976 Kane was elected Member of the Parliament of Bandura for the Victorian Legislative Assembly. He became the Shadow Attorney General under the leadership of Frank Wilks. After Wilkes lost the 1979 election to the Liberal prime minister, Hacker, Kane challenged him to leadership and became a leader in September 1981.

Humer was forced to resign a few months ago and was replaced by Deputy Premier Lindsay Thomson. However, after more than a quarter-century in power, the Liberals appeared tired and frustrated, and Kane made Thomson a permanent improvement. After waiting for what he could do, Thomson called for elections in April 1982. In this election, Labor won the swing of 17 seats. This is the worst defeat a non-working government can ever face in Victoria. Ken took over as the first Labor government in Victoria since his father’s leadership 27 years ago.

John Cain Wife & Children

Ken married his wife Nancy Williams in 1955. He has two sons and one daughter. Ken’s son, also known as John, is a county court judge and a state coroner for Victoria. North Coast High School also has a library in his honour, of which he was a former student.

Death and Cause

Cain died on 23 December 2019, aged 88. He had suffered a severe stroke on 10 December and was being cared for at the Royal Melbourne Hospital.

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