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Jon Lansman Bio

Jonathan Lansman is a British Labour Party activist. He was born on July 1957. Marylebone, London, United Kingdom. Lansman worked on Jeremy Corbyn’s successful 2015 campaign for the Labour party leadership and subsequently founded the pro-Corbyn organisation, Momentum.

He is a member of Labour Party’s National Executive Committee.

Jon Lansman Age

He is at the age of 62 years old

Lansman’s Early life

Lansman was brought up in an Orthodox Jewish family in Southgate, north London. His father Bernard was a Conservative Councillor in Hackney.

Jon was a pupil at the independent Highgate School from 1970 to 1975. He first visited Israel when he was 16, I worked on a kibbutz in the Negev, and my aunt lived in Beersheba.

It was a very politicising experience. When I did my bar mitzvah, I saw myself as a Zionist, and I think after I went there I felt it less.

I was more interested in the kibbutz and what I liked about it was the pioneering spirit, the sense of community and radicalism of it.

Lansman’s Education

Jonathan Lansman read for a degree in economics at Clare College, Cambridge, graduating in 1979. Later, he attended Birkbeck, University of London, reading History and Politics graduating in 2007 with a Masters.

He was active in the student union while at Cambridge University and was an elected student member of the Academic Board.

Lansman ran for Union President on the same slate as Andrew Marr, then nicknamed Red Andy, who provided campaign cartoons. Soon afterwards he became a friend of Labour’s election agent in Hornsey, Jeremy Corbyn.

Jon Lansman Wife / Children

Lansman’s wife died of breast cancer in January 1999 aged 39. The couple had three children.

He has been a trustee of the charity, Breast Cancer Care, under whose auspices his wife had set up the Lavender Trust before she died, both to help younger women become aware of the disease and to support them.

Lansman’s son and brother run an extensive network of property companies with assets well into the millions.

Lansman is an atheist, although he still observes some Jewish festivals.

Jon Lansman Resign Over Attempted Tom Watson Coup

Jonathan Lansman: Momentum is seen to be the Corbyn faction.

I don’t think what they’ve done is actually in Jeremy Corbyn’s, the Labour party’s interest and, most importantly, the country’s interest.

The country should be our focus. Not these sorts of factional battles and reprisals.

He then told LBC presenter Matt Frei: “I think Jon Lansman should really consider his position on the NEC and resign.

I don’t understand how Jon Lansman can possibly think, as a member of the NEC, he has done the right thing for the country or the party.”

Streeting then called on Corbyn and the Labour party to focus on the party’s manifesto, instead of this event, in the coming weeks.


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