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According to Jonathan Pentland Bio, Wiki, and Biography, He is a U.S. Army sergeant first class investigated over a viral video from Columbia, South Carolina. According to now-deleted photos on his unit’s Facebook page, Pentland is based at Fort Jackson in Columbia. Social media users identified Pentland on Tuesday, April 13, 2021, a day after the video was posted online.


He is 42 years old.


Pentland has been at Fort Jackson in Columbia since at least 2019 and has worked as a drill sergeant at the garrison, according to photos on the 1st Battalion 61st Infantry Regiment “Roadrunners” Fort Jackson SC Facebook page.

According to a document from the Army Secretary, Pentland was promoted to sergeant first class in April 2020.

According to its Facebook page, Pentland also spent time as part of the 1st Battalion, 38th Infantry Regiment, 1st Stryker Brigade Combat Team, based at Fort Carson in Colorado. According to its Facebook page, he also spent time with the Battle Company 1-32 Infantry at Fort Drum.

Jonathan Pentland Wife

Pentland is originally from Mountain Home, Idaho, according to his 2006 wedding announcement. According to his Facebook page, he and his wife have two young children, sons and daughters.

According to public records, Pentland and his wife purchased their home in The Lakes at Barony Place in May 2020.

Viral Video

The video was posted on Facebook by a Columbia woman, Shirell Johnson, who said she was walking in the neighborhood with a friend, Vinnetta Yvonne Knight Osborne, on Monday night, April 12, 2021, when she saw the incident unfold. Johnson said in a Facebook post the video was recorded by a “young lady,” Shadae, and given to her to post online. Johnson said she, Shadae, and her friend did not know Deandre before Monday night.

“She saw the young man in distress and knew he didn’t do anything wrong, so she started videoing for his safety! (Smart girl❤️). She sent me the video last night, and I got the ok to post it,” Johnson wrote on Facebook on April 13. “I have been in contact with both D (as I call him now) to check on him and the young lady Shadae who did the video. Both are doing ok but still processing. Last night we all bonded bc we noticed a young man in distress, and he happened to be black!”

The woman who filmed the video, Shadae McCallum, also posted it on Twitter.

McCallum tweeted, “I went for a walk yesterday evening, and I encountered a young man (Deandre)in distress. I decided to record the incident to protect this black man from possibly becoming a statistic. There was also a part that I didn’t record of the taller man slapping the phone out of Deandre’s hands and stepping on it. The taller man also pushed Deandre several times off-camera.”

In a more extended version of Johnson’s video, Deandre can tell Pentland he doesn’t know him and asks him his name, which Pentland refuses to give him. He asks Pentland if he is an “officer of the law,” and Pentland replies, “I’m about to throw you out. I can do a hell of a lot more than you think you can. Just move along.”

Pentland’s wife, Cassie, can be heard telling Deandre, “Sir, you’re acting like a child. Move on. You picked a fight with some random young lady that’s one of our neighbors.” Deandre can be heard telling her that he didn’t pick a fight with anyone and that he was the one who had someone run up to him.” The video ends as Johnson and her friend walk up and intervene.

Johnson added, “We waited with him until the officer arrived, and we repeatedly informed the officer that D was assaulted (you all didn’t see the second instance) when he slapped his hand, and his phone fell and cracked. The officer told us that his supervisor told him that he could only charge the white guy with malicious injury to property and not assault!”

McCallum said on Twitter, “When the officer arrived, he said that the taller man could only be charged with malicious intent to the property despite the video showing Deandre being assaulted. Although I’m so thankful that Deandre was able to make it home safely, this situation was surreal.”

She added, “It’s one thing to watch these types of incidents on video, but it’s another to watch it happen right in front of you. I’m also thankful for the two ladies that came up and took Deandre in another direction to safety.” McCallum added in an April 14 tweet, “Deandre is fine, just shaken up and overwhelmed.”

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