Jordie Lunn (Canadian Biker) Bio, Age, Wiki, Death, Wife, Net worth

Jordie Lunn
Jordie Lunn

Jordie Lunn Bio

Jordie Lunn is a legend mountain Biker from Canada, who died after suffering a bike accident in Mexico. He was born in 1983 and died on 9 October 2019. He has died at the age of 36.

His family announced on Friday 9 October, He was riding with his friends and he suffered a fatal head injury.

Jordie appearance was intimidating; a big man, covered in tattoos, gold teeth, and always wearing the ridiculous kit on the mountain.

But that was in stark contrast to his gentle nature and pure friendliness. It didn’t matter if you were a fellow pro, a guy in a suit, or a young fan, he had time for you.

His enthusiasm was always infectious, and his outlook always positive. There are few people in this world so universally loved and respected by their peers and fans. The kids he coached loved him.

The entire mountain bike community will remember his friendliness, gentle nature and exuberance for life.

Jordie Lunn Wife or Girlfriend?

Jordie Lunn was living with his girlfriend, Caitlin Larsen in Victoria.

Earlier Life & Career

Lunn starts his career as a DH racer in the by now getting into mountain biking through XC.

Jordie was the fastest Canadian at Mont-Sainte-Anne in 2003, as well as the highest-ranked North American DH racer in the World Cup standings that year.

Shifting his focus to freeriding in videos like Ride to the Hills, The Collective, ROAM, and more, he was once the first mountain biker to land a corked 720 in 2007.

He competed at Crankworx, Red Bull Rampage, and on almost every stage in freeride mountain biking.

Lunn used to be additionally famous for his loopy biking movies with some clips getting hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube.

Since his big-budget movie days, he had a resurgence in recent years, self-producing wildly popular video components like Rough AF and making appearances at the freeride activities like Rampage and the Fest Series.

He has been a friend, coach, and mentor to many up-and-coming riders, and inspired limitless more.

He had an outstanding 20+ 12 months career as a mountain biker, his family continued.

Jordie will continually cherish for his coronary heart and love that he gave to his family, friends, and fans, as well as the super Genius that he had on his bikes.

Jordie Lunn Death

Jordie Lunn died on 9 Oct 2019 in a tragic trail riding wreck. He was riding in Cabo San Lucas considering friends in the previously the accident occurred and suffered a fatal head insult.

Jordie is a BMX racer and free rider. He was trail riding in Cabo with his friends when he got into an accident and suffered a fatal head injury.