Jose Arredondo Bio, Age, Death, Car Dealer, Net Worth

Jose Arredondo Bio
Jose Arredondo Bio

Jose Arredondo Bio: Arredondo was a local Car Dealer. He has died from stab wounds he suffered while in Baja California, He was 60 years old.

Jose Arredondo Bio

He was born in 1958 in Cualcoman, Mexico. Arredondo has died on 17 July 2019. He has died at the age of 60.

He was born to father Fidel Arredondo and mother Maria de Jesus Lopez Arredondo. He was the fourth child in a family of 11.

His family was poor and at the age of 6, he was picking corn, onions, tomatoes, and chilies to help his family survive.

When Arredondo was 12 half of his family moved to the United States to find work. His father and siblings traveled to Tijuana from Michoacan.

They waited for months before they could finally cross into the U.S. Jose and his younger siblings stayed behind.

He began shining shoes for 10 cents to have money for food. His customers would often add him another quarter for his work and cheerful attitude.

Together with his brothers and sisters, Jose tried to cross the border five times before they finally succeeded.

He attended junior high school in Saugus, and high school in the San Fernando Valley but he later dropped out to help support his family.

Jose Arredondo Wife and Children

He was married to Kim Kyung-Ju who is of Korean descent. The couple has to two children a son known as Samuel Kim aka Punch and a daughter known as Mariana.


He began washing cars at a Mission Hills Dealership in 1997, at the age of 17. He made 325 every two weeks.

He was given the chance to sell cars on weekends due to his attitude. During the first month, he sold 12 automobiles making $4,000 despite the fact that his English was so poor. Most of the times he used to gesture with his hands.

He later became a full-time salesman, he revealed that he was once sent home to put on a tie yet he owned none he ended up borrowing one from another salesman.

As a selling technique, he approached customers with the truth and was polite, instead of pressuring them with sales pitches.

Jose saved his money and purchased various properties. He made improvements and then sold them.

In 1990 Jose bought an auto-body shop and a convenience store in Los Angeles, where he stayed for three years.

In 1993 he heard about a car lot that was losing money at the Auto Mall in Bakersfield. He traveled there and inspected the lot and eventually bought it.

Since then he has expanded his dealership group by adding TaftFamily Motors, Family Used Cars, Delano Family Motors, Delano Family Motors Hyundai, Fillmore Family Motors, and Santa Paula Family Motors.

Jose Arredondo Arrests

there were rumors that Arredondo had been arrested in the past in Miami and Las Vegas on drug charges.

The website, however, reports that there is no criminal record for Arredondo in those states. Local police told the website that although they have received reports about suspicious activities at Arredondo’s businesses, none have ever been substantiated.

In February 2006, a man named Manuel Morales Abarca, 28 was shot dead in Arredondo’s home in Rosedale but at the time Arredondo was not at home.

In August 2014 one of his senior employees was shot dead in mysterious circumstances.

After his death, his pastor Rev. Ranger disputed the claims that Arredondo’s businesses were mixed up in organized crime. He told I never saw, ever saw anything that would make me think otherwise.

He said that he once had a long conversation about the same with Arredondo but he said he strongly believes the rumors were started by people jealous of his professional success.

Death and Cause

He has died on 17 July 2019, from stab wounds he suffered while in Baja California, He was 60 years old.

No other details were available yet, but did confirm that Arredondo was in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.