Joseph Zaccardi Bio, Age, Wiki, Family, Deirdre, Abington Shooting

Joseph Zaccardi

Joseph Zaccardi Bio – Deirdre Zaccardi Bio

Joseph Zaccardi and his wife Deirdre are parents of the Family, who were found dead with their three elementary-age children in their Abington, Massachusetts house.

Joseph Zaccardi and Deirdre Age

Joseph was 43, and his wife Deirdre was at the age of 40.

Victims in Abington Shooting

The District Attorney released the victims as Deirdre Zaccardi, Joseph Zaccardi, Alexis Zaccardi, 11, and 9-year-old twins Nathaniel and Kathryn Zaccardi.

The school superintendent also gave the family’s name in a statement to the community, which is located about 20 miles from Boston.

Authorities have not identified the person who pulled the trigger, but they said there is not a current threat to public safety.

Earlier Life and Education

Zaccardi studied at the same college as his wife at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth and attended Foxborough High School, according to his Facebook page. He was from Foxborough, Massachusetts.

Zaccardi as Authored of Children’s Books

He was a children’s book author. Some of the books can be found on Amazon.

He once wrote a children’s book, Sammy the Once Sad Caterpillar (2016), about a sad caterpillar. Books are available for sale on Amazon, and the blurb says, “When Sammy the caterpillar looks at the amazing things the other bugs can do, it makes him sad. Can you help Sammy to discover the unique piece within himself?

So excited to finally be able to share this with the world! Joe’s first children’s book is now for sale on Amazon!!! Please check it out and help us spread the word,” Deidre wrote of Joe’s book.

Another book was called “Day Is Done No More Fun.” The blurb describes it as “Timmy doesn’t like all the things he has to do before bedtime.

Joseph Zaccardi Wife

Joseph Zaccardi was married to Deirdre. On Facebook, her wife wrote that she was from Scituate, Massachusetts.

She frequently wrote about her children on social media and shared numerous photos of them.

She was elected in 2016 to the local school council. According to her LinkedIn page, she was the Office Manager at EMI Strategic Marketing, a position she held for 18 years.

She had a college degree in business management from the University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth.

Her visible posts on Facebook dates to 2018 and includes posts like this: Not only did they win the first game, Nathaniel for his first touchdown and pulled an opponent’s flag.

Deirdre was also involved in the community as well, lobbying for free full-time kindergarten. She also wrote, didn’t get home from Town Meeting until after 10:30 pm last night. I’m dragging today, but everything went the way I wanted last night although I could have done without the hour-long discussion/question session on the 4 Marijuana Articles.

We had to vote three times on banning retail shops because saying no to banning them wasn’t enough the first time.

Zaccardi Family Suicide Shooting

Deirdre Zaccardi, 40; Joseph Zaccardi, 43; Alexis Zaccardi, 11; and 9-year-old twins Nathaniel and Kathryn Zaccardi were found dead on Monday, October 7th in their home in Abington, Massachusetts. The Plymouth DA Timothy Cruz said in a news conference that police discovered the body of the 40-year-old woman first before finding the bodies of four other people, all of whom were from the same family. A family member had gone to the home to take the children to school and called the police.