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Joshua Black lived in the Black Complex and said he was called by a woman who lived there. He recorded the collision on his phone on Wednesday night. Blake said he was editing a video in his car when the woman approached. He asked her a question which caused the video to go viral.

Hello, I live here. I’ve been here for five years, and then Karen just came to me, and she’s bothering me about what I’m doing here, “Blake said in a video on social media. While the confrontation took place in the parking lot of a private apartment, it started before both the black man and the woman, who asked not to be named, parked.

Joshua Black, a Tennessee woman, made a false accusation.

A viral tick-tock video, which garnered nearly 12 million views, caught a woman confronting a black man and accused him of leaking details of such a person in the garage of a Nashville apartment. Fitting “First, we have a car theft here,” said the woman, standing next to another man. Joshua Blake, who obtained the video, responded that his car had recently been stolen and had lived in the apartment building for five years. He claimed that the woman accused him of following her.

A white woman approached my car and asked why I was in the parking lot of my apartment. Wow, #foryou #foryoupage #racist #blacklivesmatter, Joshua Blake wrote, shared the video on Twitter and Twitter. Meanwhile, the woman said that someone had broken into her car, and Blake was following the description of the man who had entered other cars in the complex wearing a hoodie and carrying a bag.

However, according to the apartment complex, the suspect was a white youth on a bicycle with a red bag. Blake claimed he did not know the woman and had not heard from her since the incident. Before the video began, Blake claimed that the woman knocked on his car window and asked if she lived in the apartment. She guessed she was probably a door dash driver and wanted to know how to get to the elevator. However, he later reportedly started asking questions angrily and taking pictures of his car.

“In his mind, he didn’t have to explain it to me, but I did have to explain it,” Blake said. The woman reportedly became angry when he asked her if she lived in the same building. He started recording the woman, hoping she would calm down if he realized he was recording her, but she kept questioning him. She kept taking pictures of her car until she walked away.

“It simply came to our notice then. Almost every Day, “Blake said.” The incident was captured on camera. It’s no different than a normal Tuesday. Precise racism happens every Day. Still, you can’t record everything. Men are just as responsible, Blake said, “it’s like when you get in the habit of living in chaos, and someone takes you out of it to make you realize it was chaos.” Maybe he can make you feel inferior, or he can do the opposite, “Blake said. I think I can go anywhere and not be disrespectful. “I have more confidence in who I am,” he added.

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