Joshua Hunsucker Bio, Wiki, Age, Accused of Killing His Wife

Joshua Hunsucker
Joshua Hunsucker

Joshua Hunsucker Bio – Wiki

Joshua Hunsucker is accused of murdering his wife with eye drops and collecting $ 250,000 of life insurance payments after her death.

The suspect worked as a paramedic, and his co-workers testified that he was “not affected” by the sudden death of his wife. According to court documents, he also allegedly told her different things that he was doing before he stopped breathing his wife, turned blue, and fell on the couch in his family home.

Joshua Hunsucker Age

Joshua is 35-year-old.

Joshua’s Wife

He married to Stacy Robinson Hunsucker. She was 32 years old.

Joshua Accused of Killing His Wife With Eye Drops

A North Carolina man has been charged with using Vision Eye drops to kill his wife of eight years. Joshua Lee Hunsaker was arrested last weekend and charged with the first-degree murder of Stacey Robinson in September 2018. His bail is set at $ 1.5 million.

The North Carolina Department of Insurance made the surprise announcement that the deceased woman’s mother, Suzie Robinson, was informed by her former son-in-law of possible insurance fraud.

Joshua Hunsucker Arrested & Court Hearings

Authorities in North Carolina say Joshua Hunsucker working as a paramedic has been accused of using eye drops to kill his wife last year.

Joshua Lee Hunsucker from Mount Holly. He was arrested Thursday in the 23 September 2018 to the killing of Stacy Robinson Hunsucker, the North Carolina Department of Insurance said in a statement. Joshua Hunsucker faces charges of first-degree murder.

Joshua Hunsucker, who appeared in court Friday, was charged with first-degree murder, according to North Carolina State Insurance Attorney Prosecutor Jordan Green. Hunsucker’s lawyer, David Teddy, told the judge that “there is an allegation that has been made, and of course, Joshua should be treated as innocent as anyone else.”

Hunsucker “did not run away” from the charges and has been a “law-abiding citizen all his life,” the lawyer said.

An insurance agent’s department and medical examiner tested her blood vessels and found high levels of tetrahydrozoline, “said Green,” which is one of the active ingredients in certain eye drops medicine. Use to clean your eyes. ”

Hunsucker whose lawyer described the 35-year-old as a paramedic – has asked to establish a reasonable bond, the lawyer said.

The judge set a $1.5 million bail, saying that if a Hunsucker is banned, he would have to have a GPS monitor. He remained in the Gaston County Jail. He will appear in court again in January, according to online records.