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Juan Eduardo was a 14-year-old boy, who died in an accident, cared for his mother, Adriana, during his convalescence for COVID-19. Her story went viral because her mother, a city ​​taxi driver, contracted COVID-19; Being the eldest of the family, he took care of her and the household duties.

Eduardo’s story went viral because her mother, a city taxi driver, contracted coronavirus; Being the eldest of the family, he took care of her and the household duties.


He has died at the age of 14.

Juan Eduardo Mother Bio

His mother’s name is Adriana, who is 37 years old housewife. She is a taxi driver in  Ecatepec, in the central Mexican state of Mexico.
The 37-year-old taxi driver was diagnosed with COVID-19 20 days ago, at which time Lalo took care of her, took care of various household chores, and sometimes even her younger siblings.

Adriana narrated that on Friday afternoon she returned to the hospital because she felt some discomfort from the virus and had to undergo some tests, it was then that it began to rain in Ecatepec, which flooded roads and some colonies.

While she was receiving medical attention at the hospital, Juan Eduardo, the second of her four children, stayed at home. “He said he didn’t feel like going with me, everything was fine,” he said.

It was then that the water entered his home and the minor, who was always willing, according to Adriana, took the broom to dry while he began to play. He turned on the water pump and the incident occurred; it was electrocuted.

The taxi driver, known as Perversa by her companions at the site, acknowledged that her little one not only helped her during the 20 days of isolation but was “the most in solidarity with her and with everyone around her. [Juan Eduardo] was a good friend, always with a smile, happy and loving. ”

She related that her son took care of her and her little brothers, fed her, helped her, was always at her hand and was a pillar for her family and, above all, she was a source of joy. “I can’t stop thinking about how beautiful my life was, a few days ago he received his cake, his gifts.”

Way of the Cross

Adriana went on pilgrimage for several days until she was diagnosed with COVID-19 on March 14 at INER, where she was tested. On Friday he received his latest diagnosis in which he was told that he is no longer a person at risk; however, upon returning home to hug his children, Juan Eduardo had passed away.

Yesterday morning, about 50 taxi drivers from the place where she works carried out a caravan to support and support her friend; They participated in awake full of balloons because Adriana believed that it is what her son would like.

“Perverse, we are with you,” it was read on the medallions of the service cars while she waited for the body of her child, whom she decided to cremate and then decide what to do with her remains.

Cause of Death

Juan Eduardo has died after being electrocuted as he cleaned the family home while his mum was in the hospital with the coronavirus.

His mother told local media: My son told me ‘I will stay with you if you die, what am I going to do? No, mum, I will die with you, we will die together. She said she will always be grateful for the care he gave her when she fell ill.

Juan Eduardo had recently celebrated his birthday, with local lawyer Carlos Mota from the Delots Foundation hearing he was looking after his mother and sending them cake and food.

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