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Julie Davis was a teacher in North Carolina, who passed on days in the wake of testing positive for Coronavirus. She was a third-grade teacher in North Carolina and her students were quarantined as a result of the exposure.

She taught at Norwood Elementary School in Stanly County. She died from Covid-19 related complications, according to a spokeswoman for the Stanly County School District Michelle Bailey.


She has died at the of 49-years-old.

Julie Davis Student

There was a student who tested positive on Sept. 18. The district said that Davis did not have direct contact with that student though.

The district posted a heartfelt message about Davis’ passing on Facebook, saying, “Students absolutely loved being taught by Mrs. Davis. Her personality was infectious and she brought joy into the lives of the students, staff, and community.”

According to Norwood Elementary School, Davis taught there for two years and was known for her creative teaching methods and high standards and expectations that inspired others to do their best.

Family Statement

A family member told Channel 9 that Davis was one of the hardest workers and that she was compassionate, caring, thoughtful and someone who loved to the depths of her soul.

Julie’s family told Channel 9 that she was excited to get back into the classroom to see her kids — but also nervous. She took care of her 74-year-old mother and her grandson.

“She did everything she could never to endanger them,” said Richardson. “She did Walmart pick up since the beginning of the pandemic until the end of her life. She wore her mask everywhere she went. And it’s not that they (the school district) are necessarily to blame, but they cannot confirm without a doubt that she did not get it from being in the classroom.”

Davis’ brother, Stan Andrews, told Channel 9 that he’s upset that the district said his sister did not contract the virus at school.

“She told me when I talked to her that she had definitely gotten it from the school,” he said, adding that once the student became symptomatic, they sent the student home. But the student had siblings at the school and they did not go home.

Death and Cause

Julie Davis had worked at Norwood Elementary for two years, where she earned a well-deserved reputation.

Davis began experiencing symptoms on September 25th and immediately self-quarantined, Bailey said.
On September 29th, the Stanly County Health Department notified parents of the teacher’s third-grade class that they were required to quarantine for 14 days after being exposed to a staff member who had tested positive for the coronavirus.
Bailey told CNN the staff member was indeed Davis. CNN reached out to the North Carolina Office of Medical Examiner for confirmation of the cause of death but we haven’t heard back.

None of the quarantined students have developed any symptoms or tested positive, Bailey said. The health department told the administration it believed Davis did not contract the virus from the school.

Davis taught at Norwood Elementary School for two years, and she had earned a reputation as an “inspirational teacher who was always seeking ways to support every student so that they were able to fulfill their potential,” the district said in a Facebook post.


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