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Justin Fernandes is 24 years old man who had his own severed leg turned into a Christmas ornament. He lost his leg when a motorcyclist crashed into him and sped off in a hit and run. He was walking home from work in July when a speeding motorcycle crashed into him and sped off, barely pausing to make sure Fernandes was okay.


Justin Fernandes is 24-years-old.

Motorcyclist Crashed

Fernandes lost his leg when a motorcyclist crashed into him and sped off in a hit and run. He was not. The impact was so severe, he ended up losing his right leg and spent months in a rehab facility learning how to walk with an artificial limb.

Christmas ornament

He was presented with his own bones last Wednesday after experts at the Prehistoria Natural History Center (PNHC) in Toronto pieced them back together, a process known as rearticulation.

He lost his right leg after being hit by a motorbike in the Canadian city in July, said: ‘This was my closure, basically. This is how I wanted to grieve.’ He explained how he’d made a half-joking remark on a Facebook group about having his leg turned into a piece of taxidermy while recovering in hospital.

Justin had inquired with a private taxidermy studio, who had quoted him a price of $15,000 for the work, which was out of reach. But a worker from the PNHC saw the post and contacted Justin to let him know they would do it – if he was serious.

Justin, who is now learning to walk again, says he is trying to figure out where to display his art – and feels it will give him inspiration as he continues to recover.

He explained: ‘Two months ago, I couldn’t even walk. It takes a lot of willpower but it can be done. This isn’t the end. Your life isn’t over.’

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