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Kelly Bachman Biography

Kelly Bachman is a writer, comedian and writer based in New York. She made headlines when she posted a video of her calling out Harvey Weinstein as he sat in the crowd during her performance at Downtime Bar NYC.

Earlier Life & Education

She was born in North Carolina. She graduated from N.C. State with a B.A. in Communication, Public Relations and International Studies, and International Studies. Kelly attended N.C. State before moving to New York City to make films and become a standup comedian.

Kelly Bachman’s Career

Besides her comedy interests, Bachman is also a writer and director. She’s produced several short films including “BOOBS” which premiered at the LA Shorts International Film Festival in 2017 and currently has 100,000+ views on YouTube.

She also wrote and directed STARTUP (2017), “RECEDING” (2018), and started the SOFA KINGDOM SKETCH VARIETY SHOW,

Upon moving to NYC, Bachman interned at Stewart Thorndike before becoming a Development Associate at Catch & Release Films.

She started producing self-sponsored short films. She later moved onward and upward to be a Production Office Coordinator at Cobalt Stages and Fork Films before embarking on her own as a Writer/Producer/Comedian in September 2019.

Bachman is also the lead singer and guitarist in a band called “Boys Drool”. The group comprised of Bachman and her comedian friends including Beecher, Julie Pinero, and Amber Crollo.

The band regularly performs on Bachman’s sketch show “Sofa Kingdom” and at various comedy shows, bars and clubs around NYC.

Kelly Bachman Actor’s Hour

Bachman was part of an event called “Actor’s Hour”. The event is meant to showcase up and coming young comedians and give them a chance to perform. Disgraced producer Harvey Weinstein showed up at Wednesday’s event unannounced which shocked several female attendees and performers who made it known that he was not welcome there.

Kelly Bachman was up next and started her standup set addressing Weinstein’s presence, “I’m a comic, and it’s our job to name the elephant in the room…do we know what that is?

“It’s a Freddy Krueger in the room if you will.” She said, referring to Weinstein, “I didn’t know that we had to bring our mace and rape whistle to Actor’s Hour.”

The members from Weinstein’s table boo the joke, and one audience member tells her to “shut up!” while female attendees cheer loudly and encourage her to keep going.

Bachman was hesitant to confront Weinstein because she was there to get some footage of her standup set. I didn’t want to risk or talk to the audience or talk about current events because I wanted to get a good evergreen tape.

She told Variety, I thought, I’m going to have to say something, and it’s going to ruin my tape. And my friend next to me said, do your regular set, don’t let him ruin your tape. You wanted your tape; get your tape. He can’t take that from you. And I was like, Yeah! I’m going to get my tape.

Kelly Bachman Sexual Assaulted

Bachman spoke to Variety following her “Actor’s Hour” performance 3 Different Individuals have sexually assaulted her.

she asked about the “boos” she heard after her rape joke, she revealed that “I am a person who has unfortunately been sexually assaulted by three different individuals, and I’ve been through the experience enough times to know what people are capable of in terms of how they respond when you tell them.”

Bachman is open about her experience and even said during the standup set “I have been raped, surprisingly by no one in this room, and I never got to confront those guys.”

Kelly Bachman Twitter

Kelly Bachman barely used her Twitter account before posting the Weinstein video. She joined Twitter in May 2019 and only had three tweets before posting her viral video on Thursday.

She posted “Just setting up my Twitter. #myfirstTweet” on May 12 and responded to the first reply to her tweet with “am I an influencer yet?”

After her video went viral on Twitter, she gained 30,000 new followers, bringing her total from 17K to 47K. She also has new celebrity fans including Chelsea Peretti, Anna Kendrick, Brian Posehn, and Thomas Lennon.

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