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According to Kelly McKin Bio, Wiki, and Biography, He is a Palm Beach man who faces a felony charge for spitting on a Disney World worker. McKin was charged with a felony after he was accused of spitting at a Disney World security guard who asked him to put on his mask, according to an Orange County Sheriff’s arrest report released Monday. According to an arrest report, the security guard said she approached Kelly McKin, of Palm Beach, on a golf cart as he tried to enter the convention center area of Disney’s Contemporary Resort.


Kelly McKin is 51-year-old.

Crime, Charge

He was charged with battery on a security officer, court records show. McKin adamantly denied spitting on the guard last month at Disney’s Contemporary Resort, the arrest report said. He did immediately not return a message for comment Monday.

However, the security guard said she recognized McKin from his long grey beard and mustache. On Feb. 5, the guard said she had confronted him about not wearing a mask on Disney property as he was walking into the Contemporary’s convention center.

The guard described what happened next in the arrest report. She asked if he needed directions. “I’m a guest,” he told her.

The convention center was closed, she said. She asked him to put on his mask. He promised he would do so once he went inside the building. The security guard reminded him masks were required at all times on Disney property.

 Arrest Report

The security guard then asked McKin if he had a face mask. He responded that he did, and she requested that he put it on. According to the arrest report, McKin told the security guard he would put on the mask when he walked inside the building.

She responded that per Disney’s policy, he was supposed to wear a mask at all times. She cited the fact that Disney was private property and asked him again to put the mask on. McKin told her to leave him alone.

According to the arrest report from the Orange County Sheriff’s Department, Disney’s security officers were instructed to be on the lookout for McKin following the confrontation with the security guard. The park had a security camera picture of McKin and he was detained the next day on a “trespass warning.”

The Orange County deputy wrote in the report he recognized McKin from the provided surveillance photo. The deputy also noted McKin matched the security guard’s verbal description, which had included that the suspect had a long grey beard and mustache.

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