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Kenneth Pierce
Kenneth Pierce

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Kenneth Pierce, aka Ken Pierce, is from Kaysville, Utah. Pierce is a chiropractor. Two women who were patients at his clinic have now accused Pierce of sexually assaulting them. The alleged assaults occurred at Right Now! Chiropractic clinic at 150 North Main Street. One of the women said she saw a camera in the clinic’s massage room and believes her alleged assault was recorded.


Kenneth Pierce is a 65-year-old.

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Woman Claims Pierce Locked Door, Assaulted Her. “When [the Victim] went in for her appointment, she stated that [Pierce] locked the door behind her and that no one else was there. [Victim] was so terrified that she prayed that she would make it out of there. She was worried that she did not want to make him mad,” a Kaysville Police detective wrote in Pierce’s arrest report.” 

According to the arrest report, the detective who investigated the woman’s report noted that he had also received a message in July from a woman who said she had a similar encounter with Pierce.

“After reading [Pierce] his Miranda Warning and talking to him about his methods and techniques, I asked about the appointment he had today right before we detained him. [Pierce] stated that he did touch her vagina and anus but that she wanted it. When I asked for further details, he requested an attorney,” the arrest report says.

The Kaysville Police detective requested a judge hold Pierce without bail, describing him as a “threat to society.”

The Right Now! Chiropractic clinic posted on their Facebook page saying the clinic is closed until September 30 due to “unforeseen circumstances.”

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